Saturday, September 26, 2015

Happy 4th Bay!!

Happy Birthday Baylor!!  My baby is 4.  I might cry a little today.  
Then I would be crying right along with him after this little incident

Plus, I think the person working the bakery is color blind. 

I opted for a store bought cake because I had a little surgery last week so I'm still not feeling up to par.  And he thought it would be awesome to go pick one at the store.  Sweet.  Works for me.  

Now the tough choice is to go spend another 10 bucks for a mediocre cake or work up the energy to bake him a 2 dollar delicious cake.  Decisions, decisions.  

Happy Birthday buddy.  We love you!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Super Spectacular Saturday

I just had about the best Saturday a girl could ask for, aside from being at Disneyland.  
Started the day off bright and early at Dilon's football game.  They lost but it's fine.  
Headed to get a little Chinese food after.  Nothing like a good plate of noodly stuff (aka ham lo mein).
Stopped at Sears to check out some labor day sales and got my appliances for the new house.  Four kids running around opening every door imaginable is all but forgotten now. I was not so happy then but once I found a $1200 stove for $600 the kids behavior was old news.  Should I say that again?  A $1200 stove for $600!!!  I hate hate hated the stove in my old house.  I spent 10 years wishing that thing would kick the bucket and it never did.  Now I get the stove of my dreams (does that make me sound lame and pathetic?) and I am such a happy camper.  Oh the things that make you happy when you get old.  
As I was basking in the joy of that sweet deal Nate drove me to Ikea.  Ikea baby!  With four boys but whatever.  I tried to go during the week while the kids were in school but Nate talked me out of it because he wanted to tag along too.  I'm pretty sure he had a change of heart after the first hour there.  I only heard whining and complaining for about an hour and forty-five minutes out of the two hours we were there.  I call that a success.  
I figured I better let them have a little fun as well so we headed to Cabela's.  All the torture of shopping with me all day seemed to be erased by being there.

Terrible picture quality with my phone but you get the gist. Look at those smiles.  Baylor was scared of the shooting thing so he was glued to my hip.  But before we went there he was all smiles too.

Excellent Saturday and quality time with my peeps.  Did I mention I got a really great deal on my stove?