Saturday, September 27, 2014

My baby is 3

I have decided I have to put this picture on all of Baylor's birthday posts.  It helps me remember how blessed we are to get to celebrate his birthday.  He's healthy and happy and my heart is full. 
Yesterday my miracle man turned 3.
  He loved the attention, the dollar presents (which I am grateful for since older brothers think they need things like ipods as presents) and nasty McDonalds for his b-day lunch.  
He was extra special and got 2 cakes this year

Here he is "helping" me make cake #1

I think he liked the finished product

cake #2 courtesy of Grandma Squeaker
Take a look at Dilon.....this is the reason I have to hide the lighters.  

Happy Happy Birthday Baylor Von!  I love you, you spunky little thing. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

boys will be boys

I had the super fun opportunity to go to the doc today for my annual check-up.  No need to go into details of that visit but while I was there he asked me if Nate and I were ready to try for a girl yet.  No thanks, this baby making machine is retired.  

Then I come home and deal with stuff like this.  

If I had girls would I have to remove feet stuck in handrails?  I'm guessing probably not.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Broken ears and a broken nose

He plays football and the trumpet.  Those two things don't particularly go together do they?  I'm raising a well-rounded kid here.  Now does anyone have a soundproof room in their house we can use daily?  No?  Okay, looks like I need to invest in a larger bottle of Ibuprofen then. 

Speaking of Ibuprofen.  I've been through a large amount of children's in the last 24 hours.  I'm pretty sure I broke Baylor's nose yesterday.  He sobbed forever, I cried right along with him I felt so bad. I need to make it clear it was not done intentionally.  I know I have posted several times about wanting to punch people square in the nose when they are making me mad (mostly Nate) but that is not what happened.  We were racing Dax trying to get clothes off for bath time.  I grabbed his hoodie and yanked and expected it to come right off.  Didn't happen.  Somehow Bay ended up in the air with the hoodie, I let go, and boom...faceplant.  Blood and tears everywhere.  Worst. Mother. Ever.  I'm starting to think it had something to do with the fact that he was wearing a Utes hoodie.  Red is not allowed in the Wright house. I had to smuggle the thing in and look what happened.  Anyone want a free shirt?
The pics don't really show the damage done.  Poor kid can't breath and he's all swollen and bruised.  Ignore the blue mouth...that was not a result of me dropping him.  That was just a blue ring pop.  I've  given him whatever he wants today to make up for it.  I'll probably be cleaning up throw up later.  
I feel for the poor kid.  I broke my nose when I was 3 trying to fly off the kitchen table and I've had tons of sinus fun my whole life as a result.  Fingers crossed Bay's is not that bad.  Love you little buddy.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Off he goes

1st day of Kindergarten.  I couldn't really tell if Dax was excited to go or not so I kept asking him if he was nervous.  He kept responding with a no.  I must have asked one too many times because he finally turned to me and said "do you want me to be nervous?".
  Turns out I'm the one who was a little nervous about him going.  I don't know why. His teacher is great. The silence in the house right now is almost overwhelming.  I keep searching for children getting into things they shouldn't be and all I find is Baylor chillin in Nate's chair.  I think he is liking this being home alone thing. So we've been eating ice cream and watching sesame street.  Good times. 

and this has nothing to do with Dax going to kindergarten.  I just wanted to show everyone how special Nate is.....