Sunday, May 14, 2017

Another preschool graduate

My baby graduated preschool this week.  
Last preschool graduation I'll go to for my own kiddos.  I feel like I should be more upset than I was but I'm loving this stage of life. Loving that my kids are becoming a little more independent.  Loving that Nate and I can go on a date and not have to worry about getting a babysitter anymore.  I'm sure they're angels when we're gone.
When my kids start leaving the house and living on their own I'm sure I will be a hot mess but right now things are good. Life is good. 
(Ignore, once again,  the poor quality of pictures from my phone.  They seem extra bad this time.) 

Baylor is more than ready for Kindergarten and I'm excited for him. 

I also got to spend the day on Friday at the Hogle Zoo with Dax for his field trip.  
All I have to say is teachers are amazing.  Enough said.

Then I came home to Dilon and his friends who wanted to play ping pong.  Only problem is we don't have a ping pong table.  They improvised.  I have never felt more white trash in my life.
picnic table- check
skateboard for net- check
spatulas as paddles- check
3 happy teenagers- triple check

whatever floats your boat boys and keeps you from driving me nuts works for me.  

And Grif is always M.I.A. 
He's probably down in his man cave enjoying life with no one bothering him. 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Happy 12th Grif

^^This here is my new favorite 12 year old.

Grifin "gus" Wright turned the big 1-2 a couple days ago.  

He chose to go to Texas Roadhouse for his b-day dinner. 
Actually he chooses to go to Texas Roadhouse every year for his birthday. This year he jumped out of his comfort zone and actually sat on the saddle.  He wouldn't do it the other years.  I thought it was because he didn't want all eyes on him.  He confessed it was because he was afraid he wouldn't be able to get his leg up over the saddle to get on.  I'd say that's a legit reason.  Imagine me trying to throw my leg over a saddle. I would probably end up on the floor.  On my back.  

He asked for 2 things for his birthday
1- Hawaiian sandals
2- Money/Gift cards
I can handle that.

and of course, grandma squeaker nailed the cake again.

 Happy Happy Birthday my Grif.  
Love your guts

Monday, April 24, 2017

life lately

I was going through my phone this morning and realized I don't blog about things anymore. 
Life is so busy my blog has been put on the back burner.  
Here are a few things that have been happening.

Easter 2017

So I have been trying to rotate this picture for what seems like 27 years now.  It won't.  I have tried everything I know how to do (which is look for the arrow that goes in a half circle and then I'm tapped out).
I have tried everything google is telling me to do.  I heart google.  But that was unsuccessful as well. So the boys are on here sideways.  It's fine.  Tilt your head a little and you can see how handsome they all looked Easter morning.

We had lunch with Grandpa Bernie and Steph (and family) on Easter.  
Grandma Taco has been busy moving so Easter was out of the question for her this year.
Then a week later we had to divide and conquer. Nate took the 3 youngest to his family's house for grandma squeakers egg hunt and I took Dilon to wrestling.  Hence the reason we have no pictures of Nate's family and Easter.  He just doesn't seem to think we need to document important days in our children's life. I however document so they remember that I did actually let them have fun.  Hopefully that will help erase all the times they tell me I never let them do anything and I'm like the meanest mom in the whole wide world because of it. 

I seem to always find seven bagillion selfies from my kids when I go through my phone.  

Dilon got a little more done with his scouting.  I loathe scouting.  I know I should like it. It teaches so much good to these boys, but I don't.  I don't like it one bit.  I am super grateful for leaders who are willing to help them out though.  Nate had a rule growing up that they didn't get their license until they got their Eagle.  He thinks we are implementing that in our house (I'm not quite on board with that but whatever).  He also told Grifin that he would give him $100 if he got his eagle before Dilon.  Challenge was accepted.  It should be interesting to see how that pans out.

 Speaking of Grifin, he is probably the coolest kid I've ever met.  I need some pointers from him.  I think what is so great is that he doesn't even kind of care about what others think of him.  
Case in point...this is how he walked out of school the other day

and Mr. Dax got to be part of the school leadership day.  They did such a great job with it.  He is also in the school play this Friday. My kid joined the school play. Who would have ever thought that would happen? My kid.  Pics to come of that. 

So that's about it.  
That's life lately at the Wright house. 

Friday, March 24, 2017

Middle school nightmares

Today was fun.  
I got to take a little trip down memory lane and return to middle school for 45 minutes of my life I will never get back.  Felt like 5 hours.
So many flashbacks.  
Teenage boys with their voices cracking, gossipy girls, not being able to open my locker, losing lunch tickets...they all came flooding back.  
I about had a panic attack as I tried to get to the office to check-in and could not make my way through the crowd.  Thirteen year old's have no idea what is happening outside their little bubbles.  This mom wanted to pop them all.  
I got a letter in the mail a couple of weeks ago asking parents to join their kids in their health classes.  You automatically assume it's for "the fun talk" but nope.  It was to see how to schedule out their next 4 years in high school. 
I can handle that.  
What I can't handle is that I have a kid who is going to be in high school. HIGH SCHOOL!!!!  blah. No way I am this old.  
Dilon would not tell me the night before what time he had health and with what teacher because he didn't want me to go.  Hello!?! I'm awesome. Nothing to be embarrassed about.  So Nate stepped in and said he would go.  Dilon's attitude changed real quick and he gave me the info asap to make sure it was me going and not Nate.  He is the dad that yells from the sideline at ball games so I can understand why Dilon would choose to have me (the normal one) there.  
Come to find out his little "girlfriend" is in that class.  Yes!!! Heaven for this mom.  What kind of fresh torture could I deliver?
So I put on my brave face and make my way through the halls to find the class.  How are so many 13/14 year old kids taller than me? I walk in the classroom and his poor face went bright red.  I thought about wearing a taco costume my boss had just to spice things up a little but the kid got embarrassed by me just walking into the room.  No costume needed.  I look around and there are no parents there. Hello parents??? Why are you not being responsible and doing what you were asked? Then I was the one who was embarrassed.  Luckily 4 more moms came so it helped the sting a little.  All went well.  The kid next to Dilon kept laughing at me and my awesome jokes so I must have been doing something right. Dilon survived, I survived.  All is well in the world.  
And can I just say.....I am sooooo glad middle school years are over for me.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Happy (late) Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is lame. Seriously such a waste of money if you ask me.  Me and Nate never get each other anything.  However this year he had Baylor bring me a flower and candy bar to work.  Then he got me a dozen chocolate covered strawberries. The man knows the way to my heart.  Forget a dozen roses.  Bring me food and I'll be yours forever. I probably should have snapped a pic, but who thinks straight when chocolate covered strawberries are sitting in front of you.  Plus they were probably gone before I could get a pic anyway.

I ran into a friend at the store one day who was looking in the clothing section for something small for her kids for Valentines Day. 
Then she asked me what I was getting my kids. 
Uh yeah, I should probably do something, right?  
So bubble gum, chocolate, and last minute homemade cards because I'm a slacker.  And cheap.

Plus I have all boys, they don't care.  

Another month gone already???

Almost another month come and gone with me neglecting my blog.  I can't help it, life seems busy.  People warned me when the kids got older it would be this way.  I didn't listen, I should have.  Maybe then I would have been better prepared. I look forward to days we have nothing to do.  They are very few and far between.  In fact, I can't remember the last one we had. 
My time lately has been spent being busy as primary president.  There was always something that needed taken care of but I loved it and was completely comfortable there. Guess that's why I got released last week.  7 whole months as president and they kicked me out (that has to be a record).  I guess that has to happen when they make your hubby the Bishop.  For some reason they want me to teach relief society now.  I have never been in anything other than primary.  I don't want to go in with the old ladies. I don't think they are going to want to play a matching game or find hidden pictures around the room.  Wish me luck.

Now it is Nate who is insanely busy.  Remember how I always complain about how busy he is and how he is never home and he couldn't possibly add one more thing to his plate.  Ha, well I had no idea.  His phone is constantly ringing or beeping with messages.  Hopefully after the first month passes things will slow down a little.  He ended up with a rough start, they did a boundary change in our area the same time he got called as Bishop.  Most of the auxiliaries in ward got hit somehow so he has been busy making a lot of changes.  

Nate already picked on me to speak in sacrament meeting.  Between that and being released from primary I have decided that being married to the bishop is not going well for me so far.  
There has been some good with it though.  Back when I got asked to be primary president I left the bishops office questioning why they didn't pick someone older and wiser. Nate was brave enough to remind me I'm no longer a spring chick. That didn't go over well.
 Fast forward a few months to after we left the stake president's office and nate being asked to be bishop.  He left there saying something along the lines of why me?  Why not someone older and wiser? It was my turn to remind him he's no longer a spring chick either.  Good times.  I love when life comes full circle. 

Other than that, nothing else is new. The boys keep turning my hair grey and keep me racking up miles on my Tahoe. Oh well, if I didn't have them to run around 100 different directions, I would probably just be home relaxing and bored.  Who wants that anyway?

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

My boys and their manners

So this September birthday that Baylor has is killing him.  He's so ready to go to kindergarten, he was ready in August, but the lucky little fella missed the birthday deadline and had to wait another year. 
So he will do the second best thing and "play" school.  Wait a few more years buddy and see if playing school is still fun.
The last few days he has been asking me how to spell words and randomly hangs his papers around my house.  Who needs to buy decor when you have a 5 year old?

Dax decided to get in the mix tonight and help him write some words.
  I didn't notice what they were doing until he stuck it up on the wall right next to me.

Started out pretty innocent. 
 But hello--all boys in this house means they will find some sort of bodily function to write/laugh about. 
 I started to feel like this was another mom fail (where are your manners boys??? we don't need to say these words) but then they kinda made up for it when they threw "temple" and "church" on the list. Made me forget about "fart face" for a second.
I'm counting this as a win. 

Monday, January 23, 2017

Snow, snow go away

Holy insane amounts of snow in norther Utah these last couple of weeks.  It keeps snowing and snowing and snowing.  I can't remember the last time we had this much.
The kids are loving it.  So far there have been 2 canceled school days and 2 delayed start days.  Which is like the coolest thing ever as a kid.  It's not going to be so cool when you are in school extra days to make up for it later on.

 Dax and Baylor are overly willing and excited to help us shovel.  And by shovel I do mean play in the snow until they are frozen to the core.
Dilon and Grifin act like we're ripping their arm off their body when we ask for their help.
However Dilon sure loves the snow when friends are involved and he "accidentally" misses the bus. 

 And Grif, well Grif is like his mom. Can't get enough layers on to stay warm.  It hurts to be cold.  Seriously, physically hurts me to be cold.  I hate it. 
He's not taking any chances so he bundles right up. Makes me want to squish those cheeks.
 So while we appreciate the moisture mother nature we are more than happy to have it stop anytime.  Really. Like now would be a good time.  
Wish us luck in the spring when it all melts.  I would cry if my brand new basement got flooded.  Fingers crossed there.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas 2016

Another Christmas come and gone.  
Time flies when you're having fun.

Picture overload ahead.
and crappy ones to boot. One day I'll have a nice camera.  Until then, not quite focused phone pics. I dropped my phone in the toilet (okay 2 phones in the toilet) and the phone I have now seems to take horrible pictures.
Grandma Tacos tradition every year has been to do a fish pond for the kids. Her mom did it and she continued in the tradition.  Until this year. Guess she got sick of it and just handed all the kids a bag with their goods in it. Low key--I can handle that. 

 ^^ anxiously waiting to go see what Santa delivered

 ^^ my kids didn't really ask for anything this year. That makes my life easy.  Dax did ask for a pair of fake red glasses.  I don't think he's taken them off since he opened them up.  He's gotten sooo many compliments on them.  I kept telling him how cute he looks, that he rocks those glasses, etc and he said to me one night "so mom, if I ever get in trouble all I have to do is put my glasses on.  I'm so cute in them you can't be mad at me anymore."  It's kinda true.

 The Wrights are starting to out grow grandma and grandpas front room.

 For years I have posted pics of all the Wright grandkids and made the comment that one day there would finally be pink in there. This was the year! Yeah Cassie and Michael for getting the pink in there.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!