Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Happy 6th, Miracle Man

Happy Birthday, Baylor Von.

I'm pretty sure I do this every year with Baylor's birthday post. 
 I have to put some pictures of his first few days of life up. They still make me teary-eyed. But it helps me remember how blessed we are and how far we've come.
And look how far we've come....

They are so easy at this age, happy with the anything.  He chose Maddox for his birthday dinner then wanted to walk around the temple and according to him it was the best birthday ever.  
Love you kid. Now please oh please stop growing up on me.  I already have big kids I need someone to stay little for a while longer. 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

It's a miracle!!!

I think right about now I'm the happiest girl in the entire world.  
Someway, somehow my family saw the light and realized it would indeed be a fantastic idea to forgo Christmas this year and actually go to Disneyland.

We. Are. Going. To. Disneyland. 
 I don't care who you are, that right there is good news.
I've got the hotel, tickets, and flights(thank you rapid rewards for the free flights) all booked, baby! 

I've wanted to go for a couple of years now but my children (and bank account) have never agreed. While the bank account still might not agree, my kiddos did and that's good enough for me.  
A very wise sister-in-law of mine has said for years that debt/bills will always be there but your kids won't. So true.  I have my whole life to pay off bills, I only have 4 more years until my kids start leaving me (lame).
So we decided we need to go make some memories. 
They had to all be on board 100% though because this is literally their Christmas.  They will wake up to no Santa gifts, no presents under the tree, nothing.  Sounds a little harsh but it is what it is.  
I feel like I can truly enjoy Christmas this year now and not have to worry about the worldly side of it, which I absolutely hate.  I'm ready for more memories, not more stuff.

The problem is December is nuts at Disneyland so we will be heading out the first week in November.  So Christmas morning they really might struggle.  It will be fine.  We'll sit around the tree and pull out pictures of our trip and be one little happy family.
We actually leave on Halloween day so my kids will miss two holidays this year for one trip.  They'll survive, right? Yes they will because WE'RE GOING TO DISNEYLAND (okay, okay I'll stop saying that now). 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

1st day of school 2017

What's the start of a new year without a first day of school post?
I'm a week late because my baby went to "real" school this year and kindergarten started a week later than the rest of the kiddos. 
But here they are, I still get credit right?  Even if they are late.
Again, I don't do cutesy signs, ain't nobody got time for that.  
So kids holding up their fingers it is. They love it.

 I. have. a. freshman. 
Seriously, somebody make it stop.  I'm not ready for this getting old crap.



  Baylor's first day of Kindergarten fell on a Tuesday and I have to work Tuesday's.  That crushed this mom heart to not be able to take him to his first day of school.  I may or may not have been freaking a little about it when he grabbed me by the face, looked me in the eye, and said "mom, I go again the next day. You can take me then."  The wisdom of a 5 year old.  Plus then I realized Nate never gets to take any of the kids to their first day of school so this was good for him. Somehow I don't think he shared my same enthusiasm.  
I did make him come into taco time before so I could get his picture.
Then Nate stepped it up and got one at the school for me ( I mean, I may have nagged him for days about it, but he got the job done).

Happy new school year everyone!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

My little all-star

This cute kid right here has started his second year of football.  He loves it.
Nate had to miss the first game of the season because of youth conference so I was there cheering Dax on from the sideline and he killed it.  He made all kinds of tackles, got a couple good runs, stopped some plays that would have been touchdowns etc.  He was a rock star.

Yesterday was the second game and I had every intention of being there while Nate and Dilon were selling his lamb (see previous post to learn all about poor Tina) but Nate couldn't stand missing another game so we had to divide and conquer, leaving me with the lamb. 
They ended up going into over-time and Dax won the game for them with a TOUCHDOWN. 
 I missed his first touchdown ever. Lame.
Nate said he had another awesome game.  

I love watching my boys do the things they love.  
It's even better when they have amazing moments like scoring the game winning touchdown. 
Proud mama right here.

Goodbye, Tina.

So Dilon is my busy-body child.  He always has to be in a sport or have some sort of a project.  This year since he isn't playing football (thanks a lot $500 fee) he decided he wanted to do a lamb for the fair with his buddies.  
1-we don't know the first thing about lambs
2-we have nowhere to keep a lamb
3- it's a lot of work
so when his buddies mom asked him if he wanted to do it the answer should have been an obvious no thanks. Instead it was "sure, I can take care of a lamb.  No problem".

So with the help of good friends and winging it we got a lamb ready to sell.  And I do say we because this turned into a family affair.  A family that cleans poop off a lamb's butt together, stays together.

 ^^This picture is just before he went into the auction to sell Tina.  
He was a bit nervous (I was way more than a bit nervous for him) Nate was supposed to be in charge of helping Dilon at the auction but ended up with Dax at his football game.  So I stayed with Dilon to "help" get her sold.  He let me know numerous times that he wished Nate was there.  I don't know why he thought I should know how to auction off a lamb. They legit comb and hairspray these animals.  It's serious business, but he got her sold and all is well. 
It really is a lot of work for these kids.  I am super proud for Dilon stepping out of his comfort zone and always being willing to learn something new. 

Then this morning he had to go help clean up the barn and get the lambs loaded to haul away. 
As he was explaining the process to me and how they load them all in a semi, some of which they have to tase to get on (what?!?!), I wondered why anyone ever does this.  Poor, poor Tina. 

Overall I would give the experience a B+. We learned a lot, the boys want to do it again next year, and I was able to see a side of the fair that I've never seen.  When it comes to the fair I've never really cared about anything other than food, food, and food.  But to see the community come together to help these kids out was amazing. People make fun of small town Tremonton but I'll take it any day.  There is a lot of good around these parts. 

Until next year.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Happy 14th Dilon

Happy Happy 14th Dilon!!!

Kenzie made him a lamb cake.  It's cute, yummy, and smells good.  
Basically the complete opposite of the real one he's raising for the fair.

We love your stinkin guts around here. 
 Thanks for being you. An amazing, talented, smart, handsome young man.
Now stop making me older.  I'm not ready.

Bryce Canyon 2017

My poor neglected blog.  
I just don't have the time/energy for it lately.  But here I am at least giving a small attempt to document what has been happening, so go me!

Nate's family reunion was down by Bryce Canyon this year.  None of us had been there so it was fun to go see.  And so pretty.  Made me realize just how much there is to see right here in good ol' Utah.  We need to get out more.  I'll add that to my to-do list because you know, it's just not long enough lately.  

Our Tahoe could not have fit one more thing in it. 
I was about ready to strap a kid to the roof.

No mocking the "scarves" around our necks.  They helped keep us cool.  It gets to the point where you just don't care what you look like, as long as you're not dying of heat. 

 What's a family photo without Uncle Josh in it?

My poor grif.  He struggled with the hike a bit.  He kept saying: "i'm not going to make it mom.  Just leave me."  Good news!  He made it.

Can I just tell you I have never had more anxiety in my life.  Cliffs + small children=panic for this old lady.  Someone should have slipped me some xanax. I legit was like a grandma trying to get down to the bottom.  Dilon ran ahead, smart boy.  That way he didn't have to hold his mommy's hand because at one point in time all 3 of the others had to.  

Then half of us went to hike Calf Creek Falls the next day.
Apparently when you hike you can get dust on your phone which makes my already bad quality photos even worse.  So sorry for the extreme blurriness.

 Normally I am not a selfie taker.  I avoid them at all costs.  
But I had to document just how white and nerdy I looked on the hike. 
 Nate is one lucky man.
 But then again......he was looking just as white and nerdy.

See.  Selfies are NOT my thing.  Apparently not Nate's either.
 That must run in the Wright family.  (man I wish my pics weren't blurry)

Good times, Bryce.  We just may have to come visit again.