Friday, February 16, 2018

Happy Love Day

Valentine's Day this year was a heart breaker for this mom.  
Half of my boys, half of them, decided they needed to get a girl a "real" valentine.  

Should I be more concerned about my 14 year old who has a girlfriend, or the 6 year old? If it's starting at 6 what's going to be happening when he's a teenager???  

 Dilon actually chickened out with the flowers because, "nobody gives girls flowers at school, mom!"  Okay then. You're wrong kid, but whatever.  She still got a bear and candy so that's good enough.  Grandma Taco got the flowers instead. 

Baylor picked the perfect 6 year old present.  A chocolate shark that says you're Jawsome (that there is hilarious).  
She brought him back a Valentine and I forgot to get a quick pic but it was so dang cute. 

Then there's this kid
According to Grif, "ain't nobody got time for that" when it comes to Valentine's Day and girls.

It's only a matter of time before Dax realizes girls are cute, but not as cute as him.

Then my man scored major points bringing me home my favorite treat (oh who am I kdding, I have a billion favorite treats)

and 5 minutes later.....

Happy Love Day!

4th place, baby!

Another year of wrestling.  
The stress of this sport may give this mama bear a heart attack.  For real, it feels like it's going to explode some meets. 
Dilon has made huge improvements over the last few years.  
The wrestling team up here is massive. Like 60-70 kids. So that means there are multiple kids in his weight group.  Varsity is out of the question right now as a freshman. We thought JV wasn't going to happen, but it did.  He wrestled like a champ all year.

Ended up 4th at JV State. I know every parent says this but he seriously should have been 1st.  
Dilon had the kid who got first pinned several times.  We have it on video and it's torture to watch.  They told Nate as a coach that all the refs there were new and still learning so Dilon got robbed, but it's okay. He has come so far.  I'm super proud of this kid. After that loss he had to wrestle his way back to the top so he had 8 matches. Some of them basically back to back.  He was one tired kiddo, but he killed it.  Now on to off-season wrestiling....heaven help this mom.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Cutest little four-eyes I've ever seen

 This cute kiddo got him some new glasses. He didn't pass the eye exam at school so off to the eye doc we went.
Turns out Baylor has a lazy eye that needs fixin. 
Good news is he only has to wear them for 2 hours a day. The good eye has a bad lens in it he can't see out of to try and strengthen the bad eye (did that make sense?). They make his eyes look HUGE and it's hilarious.   He was encouraged to watch T.V. while he is wearing them to help strengthen it.  The problem with that is.....
 ....he literally has to sit right in front of the T.V. to even remotely see it. 
Hopefully he only has to do this for a few years then we may be able to ditch the glasses if it gets strong enough.  The problem is the little stinker doesn't like the blurry vision.  I caught him the other day watching T.V. with them pushed all the way to the bottom of his nose and him peeking over the top of them. That kind of defeats the whole purpose of corrective glasses. 
If he keeps doing that they are going to give him a patch to wear instead (arrghh matey!).

It probably is best we fix the vision problem because the other day he put his own tie on for church and this was the outcome. 

So close buddy! 
Love you, little four-eyes.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

All the holiday happenings

So I don't mean to sound like a bah humbug but I am not really a fan of the holidays. 
A lot of unnecessary stress in my opinion which probably means we are doing something wrong. 
 I just really dislike the worldliness of it all.  We forget the whole point because we get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of everything.  Like I've mentioned in previous posts we did Disneyland for Christmas so the kids weren't getting anything.  The whole family agreed to it.  It made my life so much easier. No shopping, no spending unnecessary money on stuff we don't need (instead we just spent it on a vacay.  Totally fine).  Or so I thought.  
This mom heart couldn't handle her kids getting absolutely nothing for Christmas so I caved.  They definitely did not get anything big and spectacular but they did get a little stocking and a couple of presents.  And it was perfect. A little harder for the older kids who have friends that got big, expensive gifts but it's fine, they'll survive. 
So here are our holiday happenings.

 Thanksgiving was pretty low key.  It was at our house this year with Bern & fam, and Steph & fam.  If anyone knows a good way of splitting the holidays evenly with family I'm all ears.  It stinks. 

Christmas morning
 ^^ those 2 are more thrilled than they actually look. 

 All this boy wanted were his two front teeth.  Santa couldn't quite make that happen.

 ^^Bingo baby!

New Year's was kind of lame at our house.   I had to work early (so, so early) on New Year's Day so we hung out at home.  I made them all play Phase 10 which resulted in 2 hours of pure torture. All they did was whine and complain and boo hoo about how stupid of a game it is.  So of course I made them all suffer through it instead of just calling it quits after 15 minutes.  One freakin game people. All I was asking for was 1 game.  

So Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year from our crazy clan.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

How could I forget

You thought I was done with my Disney posts didn't you? 
Me too but just kidding. I'm not.
I have one left.  
How could I forget the most memorable part of the trip?  
Okay I may have blocked it from memory because it was one of those moments I actually would like to forget.
When we were there it wasn't too busy.  And when I say not too busy that's by Disney standards.  Still a plethora of people but the longest we waited for a ride was about 20 minutes.  Not too bad. Minus the new rides then the wait went up, thank heavens for the fast passes.

Anyway, while waiting in line for my favorite ride, Indiana Jones, Nate decided the kids were being a little too quite (ha) and had to start something.  
So it's about 6:30 and fairly dark and we were waiting outside under some trees when Grif felt something on the back of his neck.  He starts rubbing it asking what was there.  I am trying to keep Dax and Baylor entertained so I have no clue what is happening behind me.  Nate had seen a leaf fall on Grif but decided to say "hey I just saw a bat fly by, it was probably just that." 

Let me back up just a bit by saying the day before at lunch we sat outside in the middle of the park at a bunch of tables and birds were all over the place.  It freaked Grif out.  Like the kid would not eat. He sat with his hood pulled over his face and didn't move kind of fear.  Oh how I wish I would have taken a picture of that. 

So anyway Nate says he sees a bat and the poor kid won't relax.  He's watching the sky, pacing. 
When he had his back turned Nate decides to tickle Grif's neck.  That didn't go over so well. Grif starts freaking out running around the line yelling.  I'm trying to figure out what kind of fresh hell this is.  Dilon drops my phone in the chaos (after just dropping and shattering his Ipod while waiting in another line that day).  Dax decides to start laughing at Grif.  And who knows where Baylor was or what he was doing. He's old enough to take care of himself right?
Well Grifin will not be laughed at in the middle of his turmoil so he punches Dax right in the face. Dax starts crying, and I'm still trying to figure out what I missed. The 14 year old is trying to decide whether or not he broke my phone because he knew at that point if he did he would need to be the one running for his life. All the while Nate's standing back laughing at us with everyone else in line. 

Nate saw my death glare and helped get Grif to calm down and Dax to stop crying. Which saved his bacon because he was ready to be grounded for life.  My phone checked out a-okay and we all lived happily ever after.  

At least until it was time to wait in another line.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Disney 2017 (post 4)

And last but not least, the final post of our fan-freakin-tastic Disney vacation.

I think the kids enjoyed it.  I mean really enjoyed it.  Including the 14 year old who had mixed feelings on going.  He had a smile glued to his face the entire time. 
But I think one of the happiest moments of all was Dax at the parade.  
The kid was dancing his little fanny off.

These pictures alone made the entire trip worth it.

He's also the only kid who ever wanted Mickey Ears.

Dilon is always embarrassed to be seen with me so I like to make it as awkward as possible.
Grif is still just content doing his own thing....whatever works.

Baylor lost his 2 front teeth. One right before we left, the other while we were there.  Dang vacation tooth fairy gives $10 a tooth.  Who in the world started that tradition?!? 
Now he can sing "all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth".  
Kind of ironic since that really will be all he gets.  Disneyland WAS Christmas.

 ^^ Nate was not a fan of the flash.

I know I've said it a million times but I'll say it again.....I heart Disney.
What's strange is the whole time we were there I kept getting the feeling it would be our last. Unfortunately our big family vacations are few and far between and now that all the boys have experienced it I think it's time to start searching for new adventures.  It won't be for a couple of years but whatever it is, it better be just as great as those big mouse ears.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Disney 2017 (post 3)

Are you sick of my Disneyland posts yet?
 Good, me neither!

 No more jabbering from me.  
Just pics to look at and partially blurry ones at that because that's my signature.

Good news is....only one more Disneyland post to come.