Monday, June 23, 2014

I have a new favorite 5 year old

Happy Happy Birthday my little Dax man!  Dax decided for his birthday this year he wanted to go camp at Willard Bay for a night.  Easy enough, so off we went.

 Why oh why is it so hard for Nate to just smile in a picture?

We spent the next day in the water and when I say we I mean the boys.  I don't do water, especially if it is a murky brown color.  The boys didn't seem to mind that there were probably alien looking creatures with fins swimming along side them. 

Cousin Elle came to join the fun. I don't think she was as thrilled about it as my boys were but she was a trooper for awhile.

 and don't forget Jude.  The cupcake he devoured right before this picture was taken didn't stand a chance.

 Mike was much scarier than the before mentioned alien fish. See the look of  sheer terror on Dilon's face.

 Several hours of fun in the sun wiped them right out. 

 Watching his brothers get to open presents is almost unbearable for poor Baylor. However,.....

 .....Dax took pity on him and let him help.
 His main present....a cold pillow.  Lame for a 5 year old?  Nate got one several months ago and Dax kept trying to steal it because he just has the hottest pillow in the whole world.  Who cares about toys when you can have a pillow.
Happy Birthday Daxy.  We love you!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Not much happening here

Nothing fantastic has happened lately at the Wright house so I figured I would just blog about the little things that have been going on.

We celebrated Father's Day with this awesome dad

He was extra awesome that day and decided to throw a 4 year old's bike away for not listening.  This was the outcome of that
 A little boy sobbing on his dad's shoulder until he got his bike back.

We have super rare/awesome/unexpected moments like this when they all love each other
 Then we have the moments when there is non-stop fighting so I make them stop and do the Hokey Pokey.  It worked and they stopped fighting.  Except not for Dax.  He was crying again.  Must still be traumatized from the whole bike incident.  Or he just needs more sleep.  I'm guessing that's what the issue is. 

Today was extra fun for me.  Baylor decided to throw up while we were at school lunch.  I, being the patient person I am, kept shoveling mashed potatoes in his mouth so we could leave.  Serves me right I guess.  At least I caught it in my hand and with the tray so it didn't get all over everything (TMI?).  I've learned a thing or two being a mom. 

And these little ones have anxiously been waiting to go camping.  Only a couple more days until we at least go for an overnighter to Willard Bay for Dax's birthday.  Real camping to come soon.  Until then they will just pretend to be camping out in our driveway. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Take me out to the ball game

It's baseball season again.  Finally, Dax is old enough to sign up for something.  He has been waiting for almost 5 whole years to get to actually play sports instead of just watching his brothers.  It's been torture for the kid.  I talked him into T-ball instead of soccer which I'm not sure was the best idea.  Now I have several games where I have to run (and by run I do mean walk) back and forth between ball fields to try and watch Dilon and Dax at the same time.  Dax was so excited to play and now that he is, the kid won't crack a smile to save his life.  I don't know if he's just super serious about it or if he built up so much excitement about playing that it's not as cool as he thought.  Either way he thinks he's pretty darn cool rockin his shades during the games.  

Dilon on the other hand is all smiles when it comes to sports.  He is loving every minute.  He started playing catcher this year because no one else on the team wanted to and he actually really likes it.

Then there's Grif.  Good ol' Grif who doesn't want a thing to do with sports.  I wish I would have gotten a picture of him eating nacho's, sippin his slurpee, and cheering for his brothers. 
And then Baylor.  Baylor is chill hanging out at the slide which makes going to the games nice and relaxing for me (well except when there are two at the same time that I am "running" between).  I love ball season.

Friday, June 6, 2014

we be jammin

Do you think I'm breaking some kind of child labor law with this?

It's fine.  It is teaching them the value of good hard work right?  Plus maybe it will help them realize school isn't so bad after all.  Staying home with me is much worse.  I make them replenish the raspberry jam they seem to drink straight from the jar.

I blame my lack of patience.  I could have done a batch or two at a time.  But nope.  Who wants to wait around when you can do all five batches at once.  It only took about an hour to do.  It took me another hour to wipe all the sticky off everything after we were done. Baylor didn't quite understand the concept that your stir with the spoon and not your hand.  Therefore, everything he touched after "helping" had that fun stick to it.  But hey, we have freezer jam again.  Bring on the scones, Nate (hint hint).