Friday, October 28, 2016

mummy boxes

I'm not that mom.  I'm not the mom to do the cutesy birthday parties for her kids. I'm not the mom that buys the best clothes and the newest electronics. I don't do over-the-top costumes and bedazzled posters for my kids school projects.  I'm mediocre at most of the mom stuff I do.
But this year I stepped it up a notch. I was asked to bring the drinks for Dax's class Halloween party on Monday.  I don't know what got into me but I was feeling festive so I have to document it.

I made mummy juice boxes. Go me!  Baylor decided that since Dax got them for his class he should get them for his preschool class too.  So 50 mummy boxes it is. 
I know, it's lame in comparison to what so many other moms do.  But don't be a buzzkill. I'm trying here and for once I feel like that mom.  Despite the finger tips that I can no longer feel because of all the hot glue gun burns, I still feel like I accomplished something.
If nothing else got done the last couple of days, at least the 5 and 7 year old are happy.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Proud mom moment

I had myself a proud mom moment the other night.  Went into Grif's room to help him pick what to wear for red ribbon week. It was a day to wear something from your favorite team.  Well my Grif doesn't have a favorite team but he does have some weird obsession with collecting jersey's.  Grandma Squeaker is his main supplier. Thank you thrift store in Heber.  Anyway I walked into his closet to see what he wanted when he started rattling off the jersey' alphabetical order.  Did you hear that? Alphabetical order!  He organized his jersey's. I love this kid!  

Everyone mocked me when I alphabetized my cd's when I was younger, but who got the last laugh when trying to find their Reba cd? Me.  I could go right to it so ha. 

And can I just point out how so not right it is that Grif has a bigger closet than I do.  Look at all that unused space in there.  I'm jealous.