Monday, June 29, 2015

If only in his dreams

I don't know about you but I think Baylor's ready to start playing some ball. It's a rough life when you're 3 and have to just sit and watch while your older brothers get to play and you don't.  I'm sure he's the all-star in his dreams.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Happy Birthday, Dax!

This kid celebrated his 6th birthday yesterday.  All of the boys basically have summer birthdays so this year they made the choice to go to Lagoon.  No parties, no big presents, no movies, bowling, or eating out.  Just good old Lagoon.  It's what fun is.  Or something like that. So that's where we headed.
Get ready for some exciting pictures.  Or not.  I got one whole picture that I can't actually get to send from my phone to the computer so looks like you will have to use your imagination.  It was epic though.  My photography skills are really taking off.  

We ended this fun filled day by learning that Dilon rode Jet Star without getting buckled in.  It wouldn't work so they just sent him off anyway. Some things are better off with me not knowing. Grifin having feet so sore he could barely walk.  Baylor probably being scarred for life because Nate made him go in the Haunted House.  And Dax coming home and losing his lunch at 1 in the morning.  All over his bed.  Fun times.

Happy Happy Birthday to my Dax.  You are so full of it but so awesome.  Thanks for all the good you bring to our family.  I love you kiddo!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Baseball is back

It's baseball season again for my boys.  Bring on the dirty pants, sweaty mitts, and hot bleachers.  Dax is loving coach pitch.  Dilon has made serious improvement since last year (hasn't struck out yet). Baylor is still too young to play but goes on empty fields and pretends he is Babe Ruth. And Grifin, well grif is still eating nachos like a boss.  I had another mom fail with that poor kid.  He wanted to play golf this year.  Apparently sign ups have come and gone and golf is in full swing.  Ha get it, full swing.  I kill myself.  Again, Grifin I love you.  Sorry I suck as a mom.  

So last night at Dilon's game I assumed Dax and Baylor were playing at the playground.  See, there are my excellent parenting skills with me just assuming my kids are where I think they should be. I hadn't seen or heard from them for awhile so I started searching.  Guess where I found these two boys of mine.  Over at the other field watching the ladies play softball.
Nate had himself a proud papa moment right then.