Monday, July 20, 2015

Clear Creek 2015

Another year at good ol' Clear Creek.  
Here are the happenings:
-It rained.  A lot. I didn't want the kids in their muddy/wet clothes all over the beds in my trailer so they sat under the canopy outside. Turns out I really am the meanest mom/aunt on the planet. 

-Everything about this picture screams safety.  8 small kiddos and 5 bb guns.  What could possibly go wrong?

-I had a fish head shoved in my face.  These boys are extremely lucky I was in a good mood and didn't confiscate their poles.

-Nate and I got into a little bit of an argument (us argue!? Shocker.  If he would just see things my way life would be a whole lot easier) before we left about taking a dvd player.  In my opinion it's a big NO.  We are camping, disconnecting from the stress of life and becoming one with nature.  In his opinion it's a who the hell cares if they watch a movie and relax thing. I won.  Woohoo.  Mostly because I'm the one who packed for six people for 4 days.  I should have won.  Anyway, the point to this whole thing is I walked into Stephanie's trailer to see this
Busted! Grifin disconnect that thing and go talk to birds or something.

-Safety seems to be Baylor's #1 priority.  You never can be too careful while sitting on a log eating watermelon.

- I have to throw this picture on for the sole purpose of introducing Hank.  The newest member the family... aka the dang truck Nate bought without telling me. 

-This camping trip was extra awesome for Dilon.  He needed to pass off some scouting requirements and had to sleep in a tent while the rest of us were cozy in the trailer.  Funny thing is, he slept like a rock and I froze every night in the trailer because Nate won't let me turn on the heater. It may have something to do with the fact that I pin him against the wall trying to stay warm so he ends up sweating like crazy.  

-Speaking of Nate, this seems to be all he does up there
Cooks for the rest of us.  Next year I'm going to pack his pink apron so you can see how he can rock that thing.  Ignore his hand gesture in the picture.  That's just his way of saying he loves seeing me with my camera.

-Don't feel too bad for Nate.  He didn't do all the cooking.  I put these two to work as well

-The Marshall's --really, what can I say? Their expressions and gestures say it all.  They're a lively bunch.

- There was some more rock painting.  Sadly, this year the rocks "accidentally" got left behind. Shoot.

- I asked Nate pretty please with a cherry on top to take a picture with me.  This is the best he would give me
Ya know Nate, one day when I die you're going to look back at all these pictures and feel bad that you weren't normal in just one of them.  For the love, throw me a bone just once man.

-Again speaking of Nate, he's awesome.  Except for when we were leaving Clear Creek and I wanted to get a picture with my grandpa's initials that he carved into a tree back in 1987 but I forgot and he wouldn't let me go back to do it. I know, I know, it's not good for the trees.  I helped Nate write a whole paper on it for one of his college classes.  Oh who am I kidding?  I wrote Nate a paper about it for one of his college classes.  So I know you shouldn't do it but I really wanted the picture.  Next year for sure.

-And the best part of the whole trip has no picture for me to document it because we missed "it".  Literally.  After we left to make it back to church on Sunday my family of sinners stayed behind for one more day (relax guys, I'm just giving you a hard time.  I'm sure I'll see you all in hell). Anyway, my dad was walking a little out past the campsite when he looked up and saw Pennywise (the dang clown from IT) standing there in the open grass/weeds holding a balloon waving at him.  I'm not exactly sure what happened next but I like to picture my dad running away screaming like a little girl.  Just what I would have done.  It's a good thing Nate wasn't there for that because chances are Pennywise would have been shot.  Seriously though, that's some creepy stuff.  Who does that?  Apparently my family went and talked to them and someone in their camp is deathly afraid of clowns so they dress up as clowns every year.  I really think I would like to be a part of that family.

See ya in 2016, Clear Creek.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Today I have a lot to say.... long post ahead.

I feel like I haven't blogged forever so I decided to play a little game of catch up.

**My main man had a birthday yesterday. We are lame and didn't really do anything.  Just stuck around town and went out to dinner.  I ordered him some stuff online that has yet to show up so he didn't even have a present to open.  It was a super exciting 35th!

** Nate has decided that his life isn't busy enough and is now running for City Council.  He has wanted to do it for years and figured since we aren't busy enough trying to move and build a house it would be the perfect time. 

** I have decided that Nate is a much better parent than I am.  He has much more faith in our children than I do.  I really need to work on that.  Dilon's baseball team made it to the Championship game(s).  There was one team that went undefeated all season so they had to beat them twice to win.  Dilon is mostly catcher and he has killed it this year.  He may be tiny but he's a wall when it's time to catch that ball.  Anyway, he has been doing some pitching and has done pretty well there too.  Turns out there is a rule that you can only pitch so many innings a week so the main pitcher couldn't do the whole game during the championship.  They had to put Dilon in at the end of the first game and it was tied.  All the pressure was on my baby.  I kept giving Nate they eye and shaking me head telling him not to let him do it. (Nate helps coach his baseball team too--shocker).  It wasn't that I didn't think he could do it, it's just that it was too much pressure for my boy.  Let's just say he handled the pressure like a champ and didn't let any runs in.  Do you know how fan-freakin-tastic it is to hear other parents cheer your kid on. This mom was busting at the seams with pride. His team ended up scoring and won the first game.  Then lost the second game by 1 point so they were second overall.  I am super impressed with how much he has improved this year.  Nate swore up and down during the wrestling season that wrestling would help him improve in all sports. Why does he always have to be right about everything?

Here are some super clear shots of him and his ball team. Told you I was rockin my photography skills.

**Bay decided it would be fun to trip and hit the corner of the bleachers.  It looks much worse in person.  Swollen and blue to match those killer eyes of his.
** I'm pretty sure he fell because the kid walks on his toes all day long.  Your son's going to be a ballerina, Nate.

**Our house is under contract!!  Woohoo!!! I've been afraid to say anything about it because I don't want to jinx it and have it fall through again. We are having a helluva time finding somewhere to live that isn't going to make us sign a 6 month - 1 year lease. So we may be homeless here soon. Our construction loan is taking foooorrrrrreeeeeeeeeever to get set up.  You know hindsight really is 20/20.  If we would have know it was going to take so long we would have started it when we put our house up for sale.  But we were too nervous to start anything before we had an offer on this house.  You live and learn, right?  Everything will work out.  Everything will work out.  I repeat that numerous times a day.  

**I was at Maverick the other night waiting in line when a very sketchy looking man in front of me turned around and told me he was staying at the Hampton Inn room 303.  Creepy and hilarious all at the same time.  The cashier was chuckling at what I'm sure was my very dumbfounded look and the fact that I verbally could not spit anything out of my mouth.  I stood there stuttering and shaking my head as quickly as I could.  Where was Nate when I needed him?

** I have officially turned into my grandma.  She made us wash plastic silverware and ziploc baggies as kids.  There was no need to waste perfectly good disposable goods. Every time I take the kids to school lunch and see the unused plasticware tossed out I get all fired up inside.  Everyday I think about taking it but then don't because that would be stealing. Well today I did.  I stole my kids forks and spoons that they didn't use.  I don't even care.  Waste not, want not.

**Dax has gotten too smart for his own good.  I was helping Grif solve some math story problems the other day and my dang 6 year old yelled out the answer to the 5th grade problem before the 5th grader did.  

** Speaking of smart kids, I have gotten a little excited about building our house so I pulled out the plans the other day to show the boys. I can barely read them and see what is where. I pointed out all the bedrooms to the boys and asked them which one they wanted.  Grif picked first and when I asked him why he chose the one he did he said it was because it was the only one with a walk-in closet.  How the hizzle could he see that.  I didn't even really notice that.  Grif for the win.

I think I've been long winded enough.  So long for now.