Thursday, June 23, 2016

Happy 7th Dax

Happy Happy Birthday to my spunky, sweet, smart, hyper, loving dax man.

He started off by busting through streamers.  He made sure before he went to bed last night that I would remember to do them. That's probably a good thing because I'm sure getting forgetful in my old age.

He wanted to open presents asap.  I told him he had to wait until Nate was home for his lunch break so he could see too.  Waiting until 1:00 is torture for a 7 year old so we took the presents to dads work and opened them in the car. 

On a side note, I had to get a pic of Grif. He brought a book along and was reading in the car.  For fun. My Grif.  He doesn't like to read.  I had to document this.

Here are some of Dax's goods
The #1 thing he wanted: a journal with a lock.  #2: glasses with a nose and mustache.
Easy enough for me. Throw in some new clothes, a little money, and a toy car and this 7 year old is in heaven.  I love them being little.  
He has picked to go to Olive Garden tonight for his birthday dinner.  I'm super excited about that.  Nate, not so much.  He better not talk him out of it.

Side note #2-- Dax got a balloon with helium on Sunday from my dad. I threatened the kids repeatedly to not bring it in the living room so it wouldn't get caught in the fan.  Look how well that worked out.  But hey, I got on a ladder.  I figured if I fell it would be on a couch.  Not to my death on concrete so it was all good.

Happy Birthday Dax. We love you!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Baseball and more

It's baseball season again.  
I'm the mean mom that won't let Dilon try out for a comp team because of time/money.  We spend enough time/money for football and wrestling, we can't do it for baseball too.  So city league it is. 
I was worried about Dilon this year because he is going into 8th grade and he's playing against some kids that are going into 10th.  There is a pretty big difference between some of those boys.  Mama bear needs to relax because my kid can hold his own.  
For one of his games this week his team had been down 11-2.  They put dilon in to pitch and he got three outs right in a row.  Then his team started to make a come back.  The score was 11-8 with only about a minute left in the game, bases loaded, two outs, and my kid up to bat.  My heart sunk a little for him because all the pressure was his. If he struck out the game was over. 
But he didn't.  He got a hit.  A good enough hit and an overthrown ball got him a triple.  That meant all the boys on base came into score and the game was tied up when the time ran out.  They came back and won 14-13.  Go dilon!  You little rock star you.

Dax is loving machine pitch and keeps getting some pretty sweet hits. I love watching this age.  No pressure, just fun.

Grif isn't much on sports but he is also a rock star and got his arrow of light.  This mom sucks at scouts so thank you leaders that made that happen.

any my Baylor Von won't stop growing up on me.  He has basically worn the training wheels right off his little bike so I figured it was time to take them off.  After I did I was standing in the driveway with him sitting on his bike making him wait because I was on the phone.  Nobody needs to hear me huffing and puffing over the phone while I try to balance a 4 year old on his bike.  Well the kid is about as patient as me and the next thing I know he just takes off and starts riding without me.  Piece of cake.  Probably literally for me. I'm sure I went in the house and ate a piece of cake to celebrate teaching my last kiddo to ride without training wheels. 

Friday, June 10, 2016

Pancakes all around

Mother of the year here!  
Tonight was my third night in a row feeding my kids (and poor Nate) pancakes for dinner.  3rd.  That has to be some sort of record right?  At least we spiced it up a little tonight and added some blue food coloring for smurf pancakes.  It just made it a little extra special you know.  
I was slightly concerned that I wouldn't survive the summer with 4 kids at home.  Now I think the tables have turned and I'm not so sure my kids are going to survive the summer with me.  I better throw them a stick of beef jerky every once in awhile to help counteract the amount of sugar they are consuming. 
Hey it's summer time.  We're all supposed to be relaxing and enjoying.  Making dinner every night is not something I enjoy.  So cheers to pancakes. 

Friday, June 3, 2016

School's out for summer!!!

Summer break has officially started!  I normally have to prepare myself for what is coming my way (4 little boys with a gigantic amount of energy).  But this year I am ready for the break.  I'm ready to sleep in a little and enjoy being a little less organized for a few months.  
Here are some of the goods from the last week of school:

Dilon got the Homework Hero Award, Principal's Award, and President's Award.
Basically he's a good kid, does his homework, gets good grades, helps others.  Pretty much I'm raising a  brown-noser.

Grif graduated 5th grade.  No more elementary school for him. When I picked him up from school today he came running down the sidewalk waving his hands in the air, jumped in the car and yelled "free at last."  I hate to tell you buddy but with whats to come in school you may be wanting those grade school years back.
He also ended up with 2nd place in the science fair.

I don't know what to say about my Dax.  He's a smarty pants.  He was one of 2 kids in his class that passed off all 500 sight words so his teacher bought them McDonald's for lunch yesterday.  He is in 1st grade and she gave him 5th grade sight words at the last parent/teacher conference to start practicing.  For his year end testing he was off the graph in some areas and well above average in everything.  He is also the kid that hid the fart machine behind me the other night (see previous post).  Heaven help me with what may come with him.  
Each year we have a tradition where we go out to lunch on the last day of school.  A few weeks ago I told them this year I had to work (I work every Friday) so maybe their dad could bring them in to get a taco.  Like a week later he came to me all teary eyed and said: " Mom can you please not work on the last day of school so we can go on our lunch date."  How do you say no to that?   So I took the day off and it's a good thing because my feisty little 6 year old spent the night hugging the toilet.  He had to miss his last day of 1st grade.
Good news is he perked up by lunch so we still went on our lunch date.

And my Baylor Von is just super excited that Dilon will be his summer babysitter.
  Fingers crossed that my house is still standing by the end of August.