Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Boys and their toys

Have I told you lately just how awesome it is to be the mother of four boys?  Everyday is an adventure.  Some days I conquer, some day I throw in the towel.  Tonight was a shake my head, how am I ever going to survive 4 boys, kind of night.
Nate is off fixing a car for someone and told me a lady from the ward would be dropping by with some papers for him.  Usually when someone comes to our house the kids act like they've recently had a 42 oz. mountain dew and are bouncing off the walls. I was actually relived with her timing because when she showed up half of them were just out of the shower and prancing around in their unders so they made a mad dash for their rooms. I figured they would stay there.  Yeah right.
This is a lady I don't know.  We're new(ish) to the ward and I got put right into primary so there are still a lot of faces I'm not familiar with. That goes both ways, she doesn't know us either. She has no idea what kind of damage these four little men in my life can cause.
So I go to take the papers from her but she has to explain a bunch of random stuff about geocaching to me that I can pass along to Nate. Somewhere in the middle of our conversation one of the boys snuck up behind me (where she couldn't see) and set the fart machine there.  Now why in the world we have a fart machine in the house with 4 boys is beyond me but it's about to disappear real soon. 
So as you can imagine they start pushing the remote for it over and over and over again.  I try my best to ignore it or talk over it but that only works for so long before I have to talk about farting with a lady I don't even know.  
Awkward-yes.  Surprising-no.  
These shenanigans are killing me man.  Good thing my boys are so cute.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Life lately

So I was just scrolling through the pics on my phone and realized how great life is.  How great my kids are.  Minus the fact that they steal my phone without me knowing and take pictures of absolutely nothing. 
Here's what has been happening lately.  

 Grif had his Science Fair today. He did a test to see if smell affects your taste.  Basically we got to taste test a bunch of jelly beans.  It was a much better project for me than when Dilon did it.  With Dilon's we tested his blood sugar compared to mine.  I had to poke my finger numerous time.  With Grif's I got to eat numerous jelly beans.  Grif for the win on that one. Even though Dilon did come home with 1st place when he did his.
Speaking of Dilon, Nate has been on his case lately about getting his scouting done.  He has a bad attitude about it.  I have a bad attitude about it. It's sooo time consuming.  But I know its good for them so I'll get over it.  Nate has decided that Dilon has to do some sort of scouting each week to get to use his iPod.  That did not go over so well with him.  
So last week he had to write a letter to a State Representative (or something along those lines.  I didn't pay attention because again, I don't care much for scouting) about a concern he had.  This is his letter

if you can't read it he wrote: 

Dear whoever I'm writing to
My parents are making me write a letter to you but I don't have any idea what to write.
-Dilon Wright

Way to be an overachiever Dilon.

My little Dax is still at an age where he thinks I'm awesome and isn't embarrassed by me.  Yet.  
Each morning when I drop him off at school he makes sure he gives me a big wave and smile as I drive away.  

He is a very inquisitive kid.  He is always, always asking how things work or why something is the way it is.  He likes to be hands on and help with everything.  
Nate has been awesome and is sheet rocking our basement right now.  The older boys complain and complain about having to help do anything with it but Dax is always right in the middle of it with a smile on his face.

and my Baylor Von
What am I going to do when he's at school?  
I'm going to miss my little buddy home with me every day.

Life is good.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day to me

Every year the boys ask Nate to take them to the store so they can get me a Mother's Day gift.  
Every year I get some sort of treat.  They know me so well.  

Then they are always kind enough to help me eat the treats they buy me.  
Thoughtful little fellas.  

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Happy 11th Grif

Happy 11th Grif!!!

I hope your birthday is as awesome as you are, kid.

 I don't know why they like to bust though streamers every year but whatever.  It's cheap and it looks like I put forth some effort to decorate.  I'm a terrible birthday mom. 

 Grandma and Grandpa Squeaker were nice enough to come up Saturday with a cake. 

Here he is making his wish, which is actually him praying pretty hard, for a dog.  Sorry kiddo.  No dog this year.  Maybe when you're 27.  

Happy Happy Birthday, Gus! 
We love you