Wednesday, February 26, 2014

stupid heights

This fantastic weather is making me want to get something accomplished so I decided to clean out the vehicles. The entire time I kept looking at the Christmas lights thinking those suckers need to come down.  I'm tellin ya one thing, I don't do heights.  Nate is in charge of the lights.  But I couldn't handle it anymore.  I figured my ocd could win over my fear of heights because they were driving me crazy. So out came the ladder.  I tried to climb up it a couple of times with no success.  So what do I do?  Call for the 10 year old to get on the roof and get them down.  He scurries up the ladder like he has done it 1000 times:

I can't be outdone by a kid so I muster all of my courage and head up the ladder again.  I actually got a leg up on the roof.  This is about three rungs higher than I can normally accomplish.  I was feeling all proud until I tried to get my other leg on the roof....then I just got stuck.  Seriously, I could not for the life of me move.  I had nothing to hold onto to pull me up and I was afraid if I tried to go back down the ladder was going to fall out from under me.  I panicked man.  That in turn made the 10 year old jump into action and come and grab my hand.  If I fell he was going down with me.  So I started yelling for Grif.  Grif has a speed that is slightly faster than a snail but alas, he came out of the house to see what all the commotion was about.  I'm praying and screaming at the same time (it can be done) when I decide to calm down because I can't let this moment be forgotten.  So I tell Grif to go grab the camera.  I have decided to actually post the pic he took because Nate is always telling me I need to relax and not be so uptight all the time.  This is a pretty big deal because there are 2 extremely embarrassing things about it.  1- my booty looks very large and in charge and 2- we look totally white trash because we had to rip out our bathtub/shower and haven't hauled it all to the dump yet so it is just sitting on our deck. (I do need to post pics of the new tub.  I have to pole vault to get into it.  Another post for another day.) 
Anyway, here goes nothing:

Nice, right?  I stayed like that for probably 10 minutes (with dilon holding my hand the whole time).  I was debating on whether or not to have Grif call Nate and have him come help me.  Instead I closed my eyes, threw my leg back down, and very carefully descended.  I think I may have kissed the ground a time or two when I was finally down.  Dilon just went back to work pulling the lights off like it was nothing.  I am still shaking and this was like 2 hours ago.  I almost cut my finger off when I was cutting the potatoes for dinner.  Never again.  If it was up to me our poor house would never have a Christmas light on it again.

Friday, February 21, 2014

my thoughts exactly

The first (and probably only) post I will ever do that is not actually written by me but I have to share.  This sums things up perfectly......

A poem in memory of the author, Gary Hempleman, for all children with diabetes.

She walks down the hallway in silence so deep,
Keep watch over him, as her little one sleeps.
With meter in hand, she opens his door,
Making sure not to wake him as she crosses the floor,
She sits on his bedside and brushes his hair,
As he dreams of shooting baskets, without a "D" care.
She holds his hand softly; his fingers so small,
As she watches and wonders why "D" came to call.
While she watches him sleeping, so peaceful and warm,
The forces inside him fight a constant "D" storm.
Will he ever be free of shots and blood testing?
She sits and she wonders as she watches him resting.
The beep of the meter breaks the silence of the night;
A small drop of blood tells if everything's right.
The seconds count down to the final display,
I hate this damn meter; i want to throw it away.
The number is fine, one down, a lifetime to go,
As he turns in his sleep, will he ever know?
Why does this "D" happen to someone so small?
My son is my hero, but my baby most of all.
She turns at his doorway, looking back one more time,
It's a nightly routine of the very worst kind.
She walks down the hallway and time passes by,
As she sits in dark silence and quietly cries.
I have to stay strong, and for him i will fight,
We'll battle this "D" with all of our might.
I'll teach him to master and conquer this foe,
This "D" will not stop him, i promised him so.

Gary 2001

Monday, February 17, 2014

It's the little things

I've been noticing more and more lately how great the little things in life are.  For instance, flag football on a fairly warm February day.
The mud afterwards was a different story but until then all was well.

These fan-freakin-tastic little things....
I have been going to Layton to get me some salted caramel cupcakes (yumm-o) when there have been some in a small little shop here in town the whole time.  And to add icing to the already delicious cupcakes these are better than the ones in Layton.  Once I figured out they were here I kept talking about them so my super rockstar husband went and bought them for me. BEST. HUSBAND. EVER.  I am so going to be in trouble with these. 

And a little Valentine tradition we started last year made it to another year.  2 parents, 4 boys, pizza, and fire at the table.  So simple and the boys love it.  

Then there's this little thing that obviously needs to learn the right way to use his potty.  I about pulled his poor ear off trying to get it off his head.  I'm guessing he won't do that again.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Give that boy a treat

Two things today that have made me very happy.

1- It is officially official.  Nate received his diploma.

2- Grif brought me home a Valentine's Day card he made at school.

The inside says:

Dear mom,
Horses are strong, goats are not.
Dogs are poofed, and you are hot.
From, Grifin

Time to go buy that boy a treat!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Why do I even bother?

I literally just get done cleaning the kitchen from dinner and this happens.  4 boys who still want to eat.  I blame diabetes.  Dilon was low and needed more food.  That creates a domino effect every single time.  Why do I waste the time cooking dinner if they are just going to end up eating cereal anyway? 
Ignore nate in the background.  He thinks he's funny.