Wednesday, February 17, 2016

We're in!

We're in! We're in!  We finally got to move into our beautiful new home and I'm so excited.  We got the go ahead to move in from the builder and the finance guy a week ago (even though we haven't actually signed the papers yet.  I find that odd, but hey I'm not complaining.  They were just waiting on some paperwork that was slow going).  I can't describe how awesome it feels to move into a new home, especially after living in a tiny, nasty apartment for 6 months. Three words for you though: NEW HOUSE SMELL.  Nothing better.   I feel so blessed.  Saturday I kept tearing up watching people help us move and was just so grateful for everything/one around me.  I'm not sure I deserve it.  

I just got done unpacking the last box.  Last box baby.  Except the stuff that is piled in the unfinished basement.  I did go through those so I count that as being unpacked.  I just have nowhere to put any of it until Nate gets things finished down there.  I even got the large pile of boxes unpacked that were in the garage.  Nate had a bit of a freak out because they were taking up his precious garage space. He wanted them taken directly downstairs.  I wanted to go through everything first so I didn't have to move things a second time if they didn't belong down there.  Most of it did but don't tell him that.  I told him I would have it taken care of in 2 weeks.  Did it in 5 days.  I'm a rock star.  

I would post new pics but 
1- I feel like I'm bragging and being worldly when I do that.
2- Our builder posted them on Facebook so anyone who reads this (all 5 of you) probably already saw them on there.
3- I haven't had time to take any new pictures anyway.

I'm going to go enjoy my new shower, enjoy the new house smell, look at my perfect walls (minus a couple dings from the move which was to be expected and surprisingly didn't really get to me), and know my house will NEVER be this clean again.  
Life is good!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

1st graders these days

I've decided that first graders and their actions are very questionable.  
Everyday when I pick up the boys from school we have the normal "how was your day, what did you do, did you make your momma proud?" conversation. 

The other day Dax told me about a girl who can stick her finger under her eyelid.  Anyone just cringe like I did when he told me?
But wait, that's not all.  The next day I heard all about a kid who licked dry bird poop.  
When did kids become so nasty?  Was it this way when I was young and have just forgotten?  Or blocked it from my memory because like I said, it's nasty.
I am keeping my fingers crossed really hard right now that it was actually other kids doing this and not my first grader doing it and blaming it on someone else just to see what my reaction would be.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Counting my blessings #1

This heart of mine is busting at the seams right now with gratitude. I started writing a post on some things that are really hitting me hard and how much I have in my life. Then it started to get out of control with how long it was becoming so I figured I better break it down into a couple of posts. 

** I know I post a lot about it lately but I'm so grateful for this new home we are building.  It still feels like it's not real.  Some days I worry that we are being too worldly.  But mostly I'm just grateful for these amazing opportunities that come into our life.  Nate works his tail off to make things happen for us as a family and I am forever grateful for that.  I knew when we built a house it would mean I would be going back to work.  No biggie.  I always planned to work when Bay was in school.  I've been praying like crazy that I would know if I needed to go back earlier than that.  Out of the blue one day I get a phone call from my old Taco Time boss asking what it would take to get me back there.  I took that as a sign and I am now rolling burritos again.  It wasn't particularly the answer I was wanting. I didn't necessarily want to go make tacos again but I am so grateful that things just worked out.  I didn't have to search or ask for a job, it just fell into my lap.  Any job is all about the attitude anyway right?  Back to the house....we got our carpet in. We are only days away from moving! 

**We had a little get away as a family for state wrestling for Dilon (minus Grif who gets bored stiff sitting at wrestling every weekend, so Steph was kind enough to adopt him for a couple days. Really he's pretty entertaining so I'm sure they enjoyed every second with him).  
I've watched Nate these last couple of years help coach Dilon and his friends in football and wrestling.  There have been times I've completely had it because he's never home.  Times I've been completely embarrassed because he's screaming like a crazy man on the sideline. Times I've seen him come home and crash because he's so exhausted from having his plate too full. But mostly I've seen how amazing he is with these young men.  I've seen him celebrate their success and wins. Wrap them in bear hugs and congratulate them as if they were his own.  I've also seen the hurt he feels when he sees a kid walk off the mat after a tough loss.  He wraps his arm around their shoulder offers some encouraging words and helps them realize that tough times don't last but tough kids do. I am so grateful for someone who gives everything good he has to those around him.

Counting my blessings #2

continuing my previous post on how stinking blessed I am. 

** Then there's my Dilon.  He's got more heart than most kids I know.  If you know him he's a bit on the small side. He loves sports but has to work extra hard to make up for his lack of size.  This is his second year wrestling and his goal was to come home from state with a medal.  Last year he came home empty handed and broken hearted and didn't want that to happen again.  He pumped himself up all week for this meet.  And guess what?  He came home with a sixth place medal.  Funny story though, he didn't win any matches.  He wrestled his little heart out, I was proud of how hard he wrestled. Since he is such a lightweight his bracket only had 7 kids in it.  He was ranked higher than a couple other kids so he automatically got to go for 5/6th place even though he hadn't won any matches. One kid he really did have the kid pinned twice and the ref wouldn't call it.  Don't know what that was about but that was another one of those moments when nate was screaming on the side line.  The great thing is Dilon can laugh about the whole situation.  Plus his attitude with all of it is still awesome.  We told him he had to win a match at state to go to super state because it's much harder competition.  He is begging us to let him go.  He told Nate "I can't be the best if I don't wrestle the best".  Man, I really hope that attitude sticks with him in life.  How do you say no to a kid who knows he is probably going to get his trash kicked by the best wrestlers out there and still wants to compete. 

**My grif, what's not to love about him.  Someone asked him the other day if his shoes were DC's.  He replied very matter of fact with a "nope, they're Utah's".  Where does he come up with this stuff?  A couple weeks ago at school they had a market day.  The kids have been earning fake money at school then they all bring stuff to sale.  He got himself a couple things then spent some of his hard earned money on a painted sign that said "LOVE" and gave it to me.  Two things about that really struck me.  1- he was trying to help his friend out who handmade that sign to bring. 2- he thought of me!  He could have bought whatever he wanted but he spent his hard earned money on his mom.  He rocks!

Counting my belssings #3

continuing my previous posts on how stinking blessed I am.

**So I'm the paranoid mom now who worries (probably a little too much) about another one of my kids getting diabetes.  Nate gets annoyed because whenever they are sick or peeing too much I poke their finger to check their blood sugar.  I'm sorry but I would rather them be mad at me for poking them than have something unimaginable happen.  In my defense I have probably only checked each of my other kids twice in the three years that Dilon has had it.  So my Dax has been sick this last week.  Both his ear drums ruptured and he's having a heck of a time rebounding.  He is my kid that is so full of hell energy and he has been just laying around lately.  Then when we were at Dilon's wrestling tournament he kept using the bathroom like crazy.  My mind automatically goes to diabetes.  This morning he woke up and had peed the bed.  One of my biggest blessings in life is that I have never really had issues with kids wetting the bed.  The only time was right before Dilon was diagnosed, he was doing it almost every night. When Dax came to me and said he had an accident my heart sunk.  It would break this mom heart to see another kid of mine get this terrible disease.  So I made Dax get a finger poke.  I can't tell you what a blessing it was to see an 83.

**and my Baylor.  I have been so, so blessed to be able to stay home and raise this spunky little four year old.  He is funny and witty and totally completes our family.  He came to me all excited today that he made himself his own account on Netflix with his name on it
 So close Baylor!
One of the biggest reasons I have been putting off going to work is because I don't want to send him to a babysitter.  Nothing breaks my heart more than the thought of doing that.  I know many moms send their kids to daycare to go to work, I just have to say you are all so much stronger than I am.  After I got the call to go back to Taco Time I tried several people I know who babysat and none of them could because they were too full already.  I even called my boss back and said it wouldn't work because I couldn't find a sitter. He didn't really like that so he went on a babysitter hunt for me. Needless to say we found someone.  Baylor will fit right in there.

This is what I mean, my life is so blessed.  Things just fall into place and work out how they are supposed to. I don't know why I ever doubt they will. 
I could write a book on the blessings that are in my life.  I just need to remember every day to focus on that instead of the negative that is trying to weasel its way in.