Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Clear Creek 2014

Another year at dear old Clear Creek.  The weather was great -- no snow this year.  Nate wasn't on crutches.  And most important, I had my very own bathroom!  No more potty tent peeing for me.  Last year Nate was awesome and bought us a trailer so we wouldn't have to be hard core and tent it anymore.  We decided on a pop-up tent trailer for several reasons.  1- we found a new one for a super great deal. 2-we have to have something small that the Tahoe can pull.  As much as we would love to buy a truck to pull stuff with it's just not going to happen yet.  One day.  3- My parents used a tent trailer when I was growing up so I didn't really see anything wrong with them.  We took it out camping 1 whole time!  
Fast forward a year and I started thinking about the camping season and how I hate not having a trailer with a toilet.  I was sick of the potty tent.  I wanted to sit to tinkle without fear of something biting my rear.  Those potty tents let any and all bugs in.  No good in my book.  So I started doing some research.  Turns out they make light weight trailers for SUV's to pull.  I then convinced myself, and Nate, that it was okay to upgrade.  It's an investment, right?  With four boys I will be spending all of my summers camping.  I'm not quite sure how I feel about that but now that I have a real trailer with a toilet all will be okay.  
So we shopped around and found something that was perfect for us.  Definitely more expensive than the pop-up but not as gut wrenching as I thought paying for a real trailer would be. Plus we got more on trade in for our pop-up than we actually paid for it.  Bonus baby!  I even got to unwrap a brand new, never used toilet in it.  I threatened my children for days before we went that I would be the first to use the potty and if anyone so much as touched it they were toast.  It made camping so much more fun.

The boys loved every second of it.  You can't put a price tag on that. 

 Grif kills me.  There are no words for this boy sometimes.  But he sure does know how to relax and enjoy life.  I need to take some pointers from him.

I'm still trying to scrub dirt off of them.  They should be nice and clean by the time we head there again next year.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Dax wins!

I have no idea who this guy is.  Chuck Liddell I guess.  Someone from the UFC.  I have no idea what that is either.  Wrestling?  Okay so I just googled it so I didn't look so pathetic.  I guess it's some sort of fighting.  That is all the info I need to get on it. My interest is non existent on this subject.  All I know is since we gave Grif a mohawk the first time people kept saying he looked like him.  

Other than the hair I see no resemblance. 

This week Dax decided he wanted to join Grif and get a mohawk too.  
I say he's the winner!  He looks more like this Chuck guy to me than Grif does.  He even has the fat/split lip like a real fighter would.  He got it tripping out of the car but it still counts. 

UFC fighter look-alikes seem to be appropriate at this house.  Seems like that is all these boys ever want to do.  Play or real, it's going on all the time. I'm praying I make it through the next 15 years.