Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I opt for velcro

My dear, sweet, loving, caring, very strong willed Grifin is trying to kill me.  I am going to have a heart attack from lack of patience with that boy.  Let me start by saying I love him with everything inside of me.  I don't know anyone with a presence like his.  He can entertain groups of people, including adults, without a problem.  He is confident and smart and he means the world to me. With that said, he is the most stubborn person I know.  One day I think this will be a great trait to have but when you are seven it just gets you into a lot of trouble.  Nate and I tried and tried and tried to get him to ride a bike without training wheels this summer.  Epic fail!  That's fine, we can wait until next summer and try again.  No biggie.  Yesterday as I was sending them off to school I realized he can't tie his shoes.  His last few pairs have been velcro.  So I got all gung ho about teaching him today.  After 30 minutes of shoes flying across my house I decided that learning to tie them is overrated.   It's not terrible to send your kid to high school with velcro is it?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Off they go.......

I don't know who these kids belong to.  They can't possibly be mine.  I'm not old enough to have a fourth and second grader.  They sure do look cute though.  

I LOVE the first day of school. I really do love my kiddos but I LOVE the first day of school.  It was definitely time for them to go back.  We have had non stop fighting in this house for the last couple of weeks.  Well actually the last several years, but the last couple of weeks have been torture.  Maybe now that they are back in school Dax will stop randomly punching Grif in the head for no reason.  And maybe Dilon will stop thinking he is in charge of everyone in the house.  And maybe Grif will actually go outside and do something that may cause a little butt sweat.  

Me, Dax, and Baylor walked them to school today and I basically skipped all the way home.  Plus they were excited to go back so it makes it all that much sweeter.  There is a bit of a bitter that goes with the sweet.  When the boys are back in school that means Nate is back in school.  Booooooooooooooooo.   We are still kicking ourselves for not doing this ten years ago.  I say "we" because this is totally a joint effort.  I may or may not help him more than I probably should with his homework.  But it is so time consuming for him.  Between work and school I am basically a single mother until the semester is over.  It will be worth it, it will be worth it, it will be worth it.  I have to keep saying that to myself.  He is being super awesome and taking 17 credits this semester.  No that is not a typo.  17 credits and 50+ hours a week at work.  He is awesome.  Or crazy.  I haven't decided yet.  9 of those are actually an internship that he can do at work so it really isn't as bad as it sounds.  Happy New School Year to all.  Have I mentioned I LOVE the first day of school?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

I have some exciting news!!!!

Did you think I was going to say we are expecting?  Did the thought even cross your mind?  If so, go put yourself in a time-out........ right now.  No more little bambinos at this house.  We are complete with our four little men.  The super exciting news is that Dilon got to play soooo much more in his football game this week than last week.  Mama bear has calmed down.  The news probably isn't that exciting to you but it is to me.  And it most definitely is to Dilon.  I'm super proud of that kid.  Who knew it could be so stressful to watch 9 year old's play ball.  I love it.  The sad thing was the family next to us was complaining about their little guy not getting to play.  Those poor little first year players.

Even more exciting news, I made my moms caramel dumplings for the first time today and they were deliciously awesome (yep, i'm patting myself on the back again.  I like to do that).  Anyone want some?  Oh wait, this piggy ate them all.  That is why i'm wearing my sweats tonight (I'm looking smokin hot right now).  They were so worth it.  I may not agree with that in the morning but right now I am on a sugar high so I don't care what the scale says.  My lets all eat healthier kick will officially begin tomorrow.  Well, maybe next week.  I have a bunch of fresh peaches sitting in my kitchen (thank you wright's) and you can't have peaches and not make a peach pie. Happy eating to all!  

Saturday, August 18, 2012

are you ready for some football?

I thought I was.  Ready for some football that is.  This is going to be a very hard post for me to write without saying some words that I know I shouldn't say.  Mama bear is a bit angry tonight.  And hurt. Mostly angry.  Let me give you a little back story on Dilon and football.  The kid has wanted to play since he was about three.  He used to talk about it ALL the time.  Last year was the first year he was old enough to play and he chickened out because he had to get a physical.  His buddy told him that they check his goods during it.  That was enough for him to say forget it.  Do you blame the kid?  Then he was all bummed out when it started and his friends were playing and he wasn't.  So this year he put on his best brave face, puffed up his chest and walked into the doctor to let him take a look around.  He signed up a few months ago and has not stopped talking about it since.  He was soooooo excited to start.  He has been practicing every day in 90+ degree heat for an hour and a half and has loved every minute of it.  Today was his first game. He has been looking forward to it for years.  Seriously, years.  This has been better than Christmas for the kid.  Lets just say he walked away from the game heartbroken.  He's the smallest kid on the team, the most non aggressive kid on the team, and the newbie.  Most of the other kids have played 2 or 3 years.  He barely got to step onto the field.  Do you know how heartbreaking it is to watch your kid stand next to the coach for 2 hours looking at him with those cute little blue puppy dog eyes just waiting to get put in.  I know he's not the best at it but he didn't even get to play much.  All 5 coaches kids got to play pretty much the whole game.  Funny how that works out.  That's where the mama bear comes out.  I know they want to win.  Of course they want the best players out there.  But these kids are 9.  I didn't think this would happen for at least 3 or 4 more years.  He walked away from the game looking like he was going to cry.  Thankfully by the end of the night he was pretty dang excited because they won 24-6 (go bears!!).    I hope he doesn't get discouraged and sticks with it.  I like watching my kiddos play sports (even though today broke my heart). 

I asked Grif if he was going to play football next year.  He has a great build for football and he has the anger/aggression issues to back it up--that's got to be a plus.  His response was "nope, I don't want to get butt sweat".  What?  Where does that even come from (not the butt sweat.  his response)? 

Here's to hoping next week dilon will get to see a little more action.  I don't know if I can handle a whole season of seeing him look so sad.  I'm as proud as a peacock but I don't think he cares.

Monday, August 13, 2012

stupid lists

I'm very much a creature of habit.  I like order. I like a schedule.  Basically I like things done my way.  My to-do list is the same every day of the week.  For example:  Mondays consist of laundry, scrub bathrooms, vacuum the entire house, mop.  Tuesdays is dusting day.  So on and so forth for the whole week. That way I know each day what is on the list and what exactly needs to be done.  I have always liked to do the grocery shopping on Monday so I can have all my meals planned for the week and be done (I still know I'm crazy, you don't have to think it too).  Since school has been out I have still been trying to take four kids grocery shopping on a weekly basis. Heaven knows I am not leaving them home alone.  You would think I could change my routine but I can't bring myself to do it.  I have done it a couple of times at night and I hate it.  It throws everything off.  And when I say everything that means absolutely nothing.  I just hate not doing it when I think I am supposed to do it.  Okay, I am rambling here.  I did have a point to this....I think.  The point is why can't I realize it is easier to throw of my routine than juggle all the kids by myself at the store.  Baylor is good for the most part except for today when he was screaming at the top of his lungs (why are my kids such screamers?) because I took away the shopping list that he had already eaten half of.  Dilon and Grif spent the entire time running and hiding from each other so they could shoot each other with their finger guns.  Sound effects and all are super awesome.  And dax, well today I caught dax licking broccoli.  I hate it when I have to buy something that isn't on the list because my kid licked it.  I spend triple the time necessary at the store because I am constantly trying to find a child, when I should be trying to find the best price on food.  Today I cried in the frozen food aisle.  I'm not kidding.  I called Nate to see if I should buy toaster strudels and he said he didn't care.  He didn't care?  It is a yes or no question.  I need a yes or no answer.  I told him that and his response was "I still don't care".  So I lost it.  He told me I just needed to leave the shopping cart and go home.  Are you kidding me.  I had already spent an hour in hell, there was no way I was leaving it just to go back again later.  So my goal for next week is to shop at night with no kids.  It may mean I throw off my schedule and my to- do list but i'm going to give it a try.  I'm making progress.  I already mentally crossed of my list for tomorrow and penciled in REFILL BIRTH CONTROL!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

HaPpY BiRtHdAy DiL!!!

Happy Happy Birthday to my favorite 9 year old in the whole wide world.  Nine years ago today I got up, went to work, had  a fellow employee walk in and say they had a dream my water broke at work, then a couple hours later it actually did. Don't worry, it wasn't like there was a water puddle in the middle of Taco Time.  But it was enough I knew I had to leave.  Went home, showered (nobody wants to smell like a taco the first time they have a baby), went to the hospital and had me a baby.  Dilon decided to come 3 1/2 weeks early.  He always has been such an agreeable kid.  He must have known I was ready to be done.  He was healthy and strong and everything went so great.  Dilon is the little peacemaker in our home.  He has such a great heart.  Love this kid!

Birthday Boy

This was the first picture I took when he woke up.  Notice anything strange about it?  That's right, there's grif being a creeper in the background........with his hand down his unders.  Why?  I don't know why they always have to be fishing for something.  I know it's a guy thing but why does stuff like that always end up in my shot?  More importantly, why do I think I have to share it with the world?  Because that's life at the Wright house.  No sugar coating here. 

Here's the new --no more creeper-- pic.

This is how I know dax is absolutely my child.  It was 8:30 in the morning and he had to clean up the mess the crepe paper made.  LOVE this!  He even made sure he got all the tape off the walls.

and Baylor is just so blasted cute I had to throw this on here too.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

so sorry

I would sincerely like to apologize for my previous post (run rudolph run) if anyone was offended.  I was told it was a bit mean making fun of people.  In fact i'm pretty sure someone, and by someone I mean nate, called me a rude a$$.  I think he was kind of kidding so I guess I will forgive him.  Really though I was doing it all in good fun.  I'm sure there is plenty about me that people like to make fun of as well.  I guess they are just not rude enough to say it out loud.  Here's to me working on my Christlike attributes.

Monday, August 6, 2012

run rudolph run

I'm in one of those moods.  I saw something that I thought nobody should ever do.  Then once my crazy mind starts turning I just can't shut it down.  I started thinking about a bunch of things that people should never do.  Here are a few. (and yes, I am slightly ocd so I like to make lists)

**Never eat rudolph.  This is what started the whole thing.  I turned it to a cooking show, thought it was interesting, then I found out the host was eating reindeer meat--who does that?

**Never wear spandex in public unless you are going to the gym.  Even then it's iffy.  When we went to Disneyland I could not believe the number of people who showed up in spandex.  It is the happiest place on earth people.  Lets keep it that way.

**Never play peek-a-boo with a kid in the back seat while stopped at a stop light.  Other drivers may or may not think you are crazy.

**Never mop the kitchen floor right before lunch time.  It has been proven (at this house) that every single child eating will spill something on it.  

**At the risk of offending many people with this one I am still going to say it -- never drive a mini van unless you have 3 or more children.  Why would you want to drop your coolness level down ten notches just for the practicality of van.  Ok, secretly I really do want one.  I just can't afford to lose any more of my coolness.  I'm teetering on the edge of extreme nerdiness as it is and that would just push me right over.  Am I already over the edge and I just don't know it?  Come on--someone tell me the truth.  I can handle it.

**Never tell your mom you're not scared of her.  If she's anything like my mom, I guarantee you will be scared of her after saying it.  Learned that the hard way.

**Never blow your nose in a restaurant.  It kills me how many people do that when others are trying to enjoy their slimy clam chowder.  gag!  The only thing worse is when they follow it by sticking their kleenex covered finger up their nose, all the way to their knuckle just to fish out what they couldn't blow out.  You know who you are.  Stop it!

**as long as I'm making you gag, please never ever pick your scabs off your neck in public and eat them.  Yes, I have actually seen this--more than once.  Do you think I could make this stuff up?

**Never let other people see that you still know how to do the Macarena.  It wasn't okay then.  Not okay now.

**Never get in line behind an extreme couponer.  If you see someone holding a pen and folder turn around and run baby.  I repeat, turn and run.  I think stores should have designated hours for those who have more than 3 coupons.  Let them all wait behind each other.  I'm all about a good bargain but come on people, it's getting annoying.

**my kids should learn to Never keep going into the pantry during dinner time.  I know you are in there spitting your dinner in the garbage.  What you don't know is I am just putting more right back on your plate.  Don't mess with me.

**Never challenge your grandma to an arm wrestle.  She just might win.   In my defense, I can't help that she is freakishly strong.  She is married to a farmer and raised nine kids.  I should have known better.  Well played grandma, well played.

**Never ask a stay at home mom what she does all day.  You may not live to see the next sunrise.

**Never bite off more than you can chew.  Literally.  It's not attractive to see what is going on in there.

**If you are an adult male Never admit to loving the Twilight series.  Always, always say that your wife made you go.  All of you adult females who go with your girlfriends and wear "team edward" shirts like you are still in high school, it's time to stop doing that now. 

**Never try to teach your kid to ride a bike, without training wheels, in the path of a mailbox.  Actually, if you have a tough kid, go ahead and try it.  According to nate it is quite hilarious.  

**On a similar note, Never get in the path of the before mentioned bike riding kid unless you want to look like you are dancing on hot coals in front of your neighbors.  Do I go left?  Do I go right?  Left? Right?  Left? Right?  (it's a hard decision when you are about to get plowed over.  Who knows what direction they are going to take.)

** Never wear shin high socks with capri pants.  Actually, if you throw on a fanny pack and a visor it's okay.  You go ahead and rock that look.

Wow, I apologize for that long post.  I extra apologize if I have offended anyone.  But that sure felt good to get off my chest.

compromise is a beautiful thing

Nate wanted to have a lazy Sunday and relax. 
 Dax wanted to play.  
This was their compromise.

**Notice nate's purple ankle.  That is his good one.  Since the ankle he had surgery on is finally almost healed he thought it would be fun to roll the other one at work.  At least he didn't break it.  That would have been super fun to have him back on crutches.
I'm thinking about getting him a walker to use on a daily basis.