Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Great to be 8

My dax got baptized on Saturday.
It was fantastic.  It was extra fantastic because he was the only kid in the whole stake getting baptized so we got to do our own thing. That was nice.

He had a great turnout. 
Most of the family was there (minus a couple aunts/cousins/crazy new yorkers).  
For some reason I got a picture with all the grandparents and a group photo of the Wrights. But I managed to leave Steph and fam out and Brooke.  Sorry, people.  I'm still working on that trying to be perfect thing.
While Dax was getting dressed we had the family there write him a little something.  Here are some of my favorites:

"Don't be wrong, be wright" -Will 

"May the holy ghost be with you" -Grif (his birthday is on star wars day so it must be in his blood)

"If your mom is reading this tell her it's confidential" -Kenzie

"A little somethin to Dax" (because I said will you write a little something to Dax) -anonymous but I'm guessing Micah on that one.

"Grajalashons" -Luke (age 7 and still sounding out words, haha)

"You have been given a very special gift.  Carry this gift with you the rest of your life. Cherish it. But most of all share it." -Moe

Dax I have no doubt will you cherish and share the gift you've been given. You are one of the greatest gifts in my life.  Love your guts, kid.