Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First day of school!

First day of school.....woohoo

I do get all excited for the first day of school because, quite honestly, I am sick of hearing my kiddos fight all day long.  Now that half of them are actually gone I keep staring at the clock wondering why it is moving so slow. I miss them.  And I am paranoid dilon isn't paying attention to his blood sugar.  Deep breaths and faith.  He will be fine.

They picked their own clothes today.  I am still trying to figure out if grif's choice of plaid shorts with a striped shirt is working or not.  What I failed to capture are the socks he is wearing half way up his legs.  He refuses to wear ankle socks because according to him "they suck".  That is not a battle I am willing to fight, so long socks with shorts it is. When we went to back to school night last week his teacher commented on his mohawk.  I said it would be coming off before school starts and she said that would probably be best.  Didn't happen. Another battle I wasn't willing to have because he wants to keep it. 

  All the other moms make cute signs for their kids to hold for the first day of school picture.  I'm awesome and tell mine to hold up their fingers.  Less time consuming and much more convenient.  I'm all about making life less complicated.  And the other moms have their kids pose in front of the school sign and with their teachers.  Really, I would like to do that as well but I embarrass my kids enough just being me.  I'm afraid if I follow them around school with a camera they will start acting like they don't know me. I need a few more years before stuff like that can start happening.  

Happy first day, boys!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Just a little bit of randomness

I feel like I need to blog.  The problem.......I have nothing to blog about.  Nothing eventful has happened around her lately which is usually a good thing.  Dilon did give us a good scare the other night with his blood sugar.  Went to bed in his normal range (between 100-200), came up to my room about 15 minutes later and said he felt funny.  So he checked his sugar and had dropped below range.  No problem, drink some juice and things should be fine.  Check 15 minutes later and he dropped another 30.  Tried to feed him more sugar and he started puking.  It's a little hard to raise blood sugar when he can't keep any sugar in him.  I started getting nervous because I don't ever want to use the glucagon kit and I could feel that coming on.  He was still dropping by about 30 every 15 minutes.  He started shaking uncontrollably.  He got down into the 50's so I gave the kid regular pop for the first time in 10 months.  Ta-da.....blood sugar back in range.  Sent him to bed feeling a little better. Checked him 2 hours later and he was almost 500.  The poor kids body goes through so much when he crashes and then shoots sky high.  Luckily he was able to sleep it off and was fine the next morning.  It must have been all the excitement from the fair.  

Ahh the good ol' Box Elder County Fair.  I know there are a lot of haters that make fun of it but I don't care.  I love the fair.  My kids love the fair.  I got one whole picture of my kids there...go me!

Dax is actually in there too.  He was too busy "driving" to look at me.

We also had our annual "vernie pete golf party".  I don't golf and I, once again, forgot my camera so I have no pics of the event.  Since I don't golf I volunteered to watch Jude and Elle which meant I had some extra helpers when I was trying to make cookies

Elle is a doll and when she got hungry came to me and said "aunt mel?  can I have a healthy snack please?"  Sure you can, how about some cocoa puffs.  Those are healthy, right? Jude is the most chill kid I have ever seen. Little man can hang out with me any time. 

I questioned whether or not I needed to call dcfs and report my brother.  Clearly by the look of his legs they are starving the poor kid.  Did I mention he just barely turned 6 months?  The dude is a little chubbers. I love it.  If you know his parents it makes you wonder where little man came from.  They are both toothpicks. 

Grif decided that he finally wanted a mohawk the last 2 weeks of summer.  It fits his personality well, don't ya think? 

And this little man of mine.... he sure is a handful but he is so fun to have around.  

I could clean hand prints off my back door (and fridge door) 27 times a day and they would still always be there.  I'm sure one day I really will miss them.  

Then there's tomorrow.. the dreaded first day of another semester for nate.  But the fantastic new is, this is his last first day ever!  One semester left.  It's going to be a difficult one but he can totally do it.  I've said it before and I'll say it again.....my man rocks.  

Life is good.  Here's to many more uneventful weeks.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me

It was my birthday a couple of days ago.  The big 3-4.  I'm not one to freak out every year as I get older.  I freak out in other ways.  For instance, my last post.  I have been a mom for a decade.  That freaks me out a little.  The thing lately that really has me starting to panic a bit is taking my kids to swimming lessons.  One of Dax's instructors (a high school boy...I think) looks just like dax to me.  He probably thinks i'm a dirty old lady who can't stop staring at high school boys but I can't help it.  I often catch myself looking at him thinking that is going to be dax in 10-15 years. That's when I start to panic.  Dax as a teenager.  I'm not ready.  I want my 4 year old to stay 4 for at least 10 more years.  I know I complain about how hard it is to take care of 4 small kids every day.  Then I get a glimpse of teenage dax and it shuts me right up.  No more complaining about little ones. I'm not ready for teens anytime soon.  

Back to my birthday.....my kids sure do know the way to my heart

They waited all day Saturday for Nate to get home.  Finally at 9:30 he got home from work, they all got money out of their piggy's then went and bought me my favorites from the grocery store.  Dax bought me the gum and helped me out by eating 90% of it.  I love these boys of mine.  I love that a pepsi, gum and ice cream snickers makes my day just as much as any big expensive thing would have.  It was genuine and from the heart and that's all this mom wants.

Friday, August 9, 2013

A decade

A decade.  Dilon celebrated his 10th birthday yesterday, making me a mom for a decade.  I know everyone always says time flies and before you know it they will be grown.  How true that is.  Where has the last ten years gone?  But on the other hand it feels like I have been a mom my whole life.  I can't remember what life was like without these little people.  Honestly, I don't care to remember.  The minute he was born my life changed forever.....for the better.  I am so proud of the young man he is becoming.  He is happy and mellow and so agreeable and easy to work with.  He steps right in and helps me anytime I ask, and when I don't ask.  Dil had such a huge curve ball thrown at him this last year when he was diagnosed with T1D but he has handled it like a pro.  It's like he was prepared for the unexpected at the ripe old age of 9 and jumped right in to taking care of what he needs to so he can be healthy.  I am so happy to call him mine.   Happy Birthday Dilon!  We love you.

yup....still using Christmas wrapping paper for birthday gifts

Once again, grandma squeaker made an awesome cake.  I love the way grif is looking at dilon in this picture, slightly mischievous like he is about to do something he shouldn't. 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

3rd Annual Scott Wright Reunion

I could just kick myself in the butt sometimes.  I will get to why in a minute.  It was the 3rd annual Scott Wright reunion and since Nate is kiddo #3 it was our turn to be in charge.  Everyone has talked about getting away and doing something together so we figured it would be fun to rent a cabin at Bear Lake.  Three days, 31 Wrights, 1 house....it was awesome. 
There were so many picturesque moments.  Too flippin bad I didn't have my camera to document it.  This is why I need my butt kicked.  I told myself a thousand times to put the camera in my purse so I wouldn't forget.  I kept putting it off because I don't forget anything.  We were half way to Bear Lake when I remembered.  I almost started crying.  Nate got sick of hearing me whine about it but wouldn't turn around.  He finally offered to just go buy me a new camera.  I hesitantly said no. I knew what the checkbook looked like and had he known what it looked like he would never have offered to buy another one in the first place. 

It wasn't a complete loss.  I did get a couple of after shots of our trip

These are my hot pink legs I came home with.  This picture does not do justice for the pain I am feeling.  

Here is the pile of laundry I came home with.  I'm pretty sure it is touching the ceiling.  You just can't tell from the angle of the picture.

I realized after the fact that it wasn't such a big deal to not have a camera.  I can just improvise.

The lovebirds who started it all.......Scott and Karen

Nate, me and the boys (notice my poor burnt legs.  The sun hates me.)

 Our cabin with a view of the lake

 A little family fun in the sun (no, I wasn't about to draw 31 stick figures)

The boys spent a lot of time playing ping pong

Me and Nate kickin some trash at cornhole

There were many more memories made but I am sick of drawing stick figures.

We almost ran out of food (I wish there was some sort of sarcasm font) but other than that we had a great time.  The Wrights have so much fun when they get together.  I am so lucky to actually like my in-laws.  I couldn't have married into a better family.  I'd say overall it was a successful reunion so i'm going to go ahead and pat myself on the back. I guess nate deserves a little credit too.