Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas 2016

Another Christmas come and gone.  
Time flies when you're having fun.

Picture overload ahead.
and crappy ones to boot. One day I'll have a nice camera.  Until then, not quite focused phone pics. I dropped my phone in the toilet (okay 2 phones in the toilet) and the phone I have now seems to take horrible pictures.
Grandma Tacos tradition every year has been to do a fish pond for the kids. Her mom did it and she continued in the tradition.  Until this year. Guess she got sick of it and just handed all the kids a bag with their goods in it. Low key--I can handle that. 

 ^^ anxiously waiting to go see what Santa delivered

 ^^ my kids didn't really ask for anything this year. That makes my life easy.  Dax did ask for a pair of fake red glasses.  I don't think he's taken them off since he opened them up.  He's gotten sooo many compliments on them.  I kept telling him how cute he looks, that he rocks those glasses, etc and he said to me one night "so mom, if I ever get in trouble all I have to do is put my glasses on.  I'm so cute in them you can't be mad at me anymore."  It's kinda true.

 The Wrights are starting to out grow grandma and grandpas front room.

 For years I have posted pics of all the Wright grandkids and made the comment that one day there would finally be pink in there. This was the year! Yeah Cassie and Michael for getting the pink in there.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Monday, December 19, 2016

The honesty of a 7 year old

My conversation with the 7 year old this morning:
Me: Dax you should be a dentist when you grow up.  Then you can fix my teeth.
Dax:  But you'll be dead by then....
Me:  You think I'll be dead in 20 years?
Dax:  You will be like 50 something so probably. You're getting pretty old.
Me:  Thanks for reminding me.
 Dax: you forgot?  How did you forget?
Me: because I'm getting old, I can't remember anything.
Dax: Oh yeah, right.

Good times. 
If I'm dead by my 50's I blame dax.
**If I truly do die for some reason by then and you happen to find this and read it dax, don't worry,  I don't actually blame you. I don't want you to have to spend your adult years in therapy thinking you caused your mothers demise.  Sarcasm is one of my great qualities that you probably already forgot about now that I'm 6 feet under ;)

Friday, December 2, 2016

Light the World

So we, as a family, are participating in the Light the World thing our church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) is doing. It is a great way to remember what this season is all about.  Honoring Jesus Christ by following His example. 
Day 1 (yesterday) was a worldwide day of service. I wasn't very on the ball with planning something specific for all of us to do.  Then half the fam didn't get home from wrestling until after 8:30.  So we decided to just share something small we had done for the day for someone in need.  My kids were sharing all these experiences with us like helping a kid in gym open his locker when he couldn't, helping someone rebuild a huge snowball other kids at school had wrecked, etc. and my mom heart was busting at the seams. 
 Then came Day 2.
Day 2 (today) is about honoring your parents.  So I suggested to the kids to write me or Nate a letter.  Everyone picked to write to Nate (what the heck is wrong with this awesome mom!?!) except Dilon.  He wrote me a letter.  This is what it says:
Dear Mom, 
Thanks for being the best mum ever. 
You smell like tacos.
You're the best ever.

Uhm gee, thanks?  I smell like tacos?  Those tacos are buying your Christmas thank you very much!