Monday, February 27, 2017

Happy (late) Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is lame. Seriously such a waste of money if you ask me.  Me and Nate never get each other anything.  However this year he had Baylor bring me a flower and candy bar to work.  Then he got me a dozen chocolate covered strawberries. The man knows the way to my heart.  Forget a dozen roses.  Bring me food and I'll be yours forever. I probably should have snapped a pic, but who thinks straight when chocolate covered strawberries are sitting in front of you.  Plus they were probably gone before I could get a pic anyway.

I ran into a friend at the store one day who was looking in the clothing section for something small for her kids for Valentines Day. 
Then she asked me what I was getting my kids. 
Uh yeah, I should probably do something, right?  
So bubble gum, chocolate, and last minute homemade cards because I'm a slacker.  And cheap.

Plus I have all boys, they don't care.  

Another month gone already???

Almost another month come and gone with me neglecting my blog.  I can't help it, life seems busy.  People warned me when the kids got older it would be this way.  I didn't listen, I should have.  Maybe then I would have been better prepared. I look forward to days we have nothing to do.  They are very few and far between.  In fact, I can't remember the last one we had. 
My time lately has been spent being busy as primary president.  There was always something that needed taken care of but I loved it and was completely comfortable there. Guess that's why I got released last week.  7 whole months as president and they kicked me out (that has to be a record).  I guess that has to happen when they make your hubby the Bishop.  For some reason they want me to teach relief society now.  I have never been in anything other than primary.  I don't want to go in with the old ladies. I don't think they are going to want to play a matching game or find hidden pictures around the room.  Wish me luck.

Now it is Nate who is insanely busy.  Remember how I always complain about how busy he is and how he is never home and he couldn't possibly add one more thing to his plate.  Ha, well I had no idea.  His phone is constantly ringing or beeping with messages.  Hopefully after the first month passes things will slow down a little.  He ended up with a rough start, they did a boundary change in our area the same time he got called as Bishop.  Most of the auxiliaries in ward got hit somehow so he has been busy making a lot of changes.  

Nate already picked on me to speak in sacrament meeting.  Between that and being released from primary I have decided that being married to the bishop is not going well for me so far.  
There has been some good with it though.  Back when I got asked to be primary president I left the bishops office questioning why they didn't pick someone older and wiser. Nate was brave enough to remind me I'm no longer a spring chick. That didn't go over well.
 Fast forward a few months to after we left the stake president's office and nate being asked to be bishop.  He left there saying something along the lines of why me?  Why not someone older and wiser? It was my turn to remind him he's no longer a spring chick either.  Good times.  I love when life comes full circle. 

Other than that, nothing else is new. The boys keep turning my hair grey and keep me racking up miles on my Tahoe. Oh well, if I didn't have them to run around 100 different directions, I would probably just be home relaxing and bored.  Who wants that anyway?

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

My boys and their manners

So this September birthday that Baylor has is killing him.  He's so ready to go to kindergarten, he was ready in August, but the lucky little fella missed the birthday deadline and had to wait another year. 
So he will do the second best thing and "play" school.  Wait a few more years buddy and see if playing school is still fun.
The last few days he has been asking me how to spell words and randomly hangs his papers around my house.  Who needs to buy decor when you have a 5 year old?

Dax decided to get in the mix tonight and help him write some words.
  I didn't notice what they were doing until he stuck it up on the wall right next to me.

Started out pretty innocent. 
 But hello--all boys in this house means they will find some sort of bodily function to write/laugh about. 
 I started to feel like this was another mom fail (where are your manners boys??? we don't need to say these words) but then they kinda made up for it when they threw "temple" and "church" on the list. Made me forget about "fart face" for a second.
I'm counting this as a win.