Friday, July 26, 2013

These boys of mine

These boys of mine......what would I do without them?  

I asked this boy of mine to go put his unders on after he got out of the bath.  I can't say he didn't listen.

 This boy of mine gets away with whatever the heck he wants because he is the baby.  And darn cute.  And he screams otherwise.  I got on the floor to have dil walk on my back and baylor decided that was not going to happen.  He needed me as a chair instead.  Licorice -check, cartoons-check, spilled sprite all over my back-check.  At least he was happy.
 I couldn't find Baylor, okay I wasn't actually looking for him I just figured he was playing somewhere, went to get food out of the pantry for dinner and this is what I saw when I opened the door.  Who knows how long he was standing in there eating chips without my knowledge.  He may or may not have learned to hide and eat from this mom. 

 This boy of mine is another one who never stops eating and he still looks like this.  He thinks it's hilarious.  Me, not so much. We really need to beef this boy up.

 This is where I pretty much always find this boy of mine.  Lounging on the couch enjoying his summer break.  Notice the babe still has his bag of chips.
 All of these boys of mine have spent way too much time on their beds this summer.  You would think they would learn to stop fighting.

They wear me out, but they keep me going.  I'm so lucky to be their mom (they may think otherwise).

Monday, July 22, 2013

Clear Creek...we meet again

I have to say our camping adventure to clear creek this year turned out much better than last year.  Last year it snowed.  In June.  Plus Nate was on crutches so he was basically my fifth child.  This year we decided our family of 6 has outgrown our tent so we bought a little pop up trailer.  We found a super awesome deal. Nothing big and fancy but just right for us.  No pics of it because basically it is a tent on wheels.  Nothing fun to see there. 
What is fun to see though is stephanie trying to flip me the bird and kelton blocking it with the shovel.  Nice timing. 

This little boy could not have had more fun.  He loved every minute of it. I thought for sure he would be a nightmare there but he was the complete opposite. 


We did a lot of fishing.  Dilon fished for three days straight.  Sucks for uncle mikey that he was out-fished by a 9 year old.

We did a little shooting

We did a lot of playing in the creek/dirt/worm box.  Grif dug around in the worm box for a few minutes, pulled his dirty hands out and you guessed it.....licked them.  Or so I was told.  I didn't actually see that one.  Oh well, a little bit of dirt and worm guts never hurt anyone.  

We painted some rocks

But mostly we just sat around, did nothing, and ate.  Everyone knows that the calories consumed while camping don't count.  You're camping!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Say cheese

So I tried to take pictures of my kiddos today.  That was fun.   This was me making them stop and practice pose before we left the house.  I should have just called it good right then because the rest of the picture taking did not go so well--thank you feisty (almost) 2 year old

 Mother nature hates me and she called up the winds right after we left so my plans for outdoor shots were a no go.  That's fine, we'll improvise and take some pics in my sisters house.  Nothing says brotherly love like posing in front of a fire place

This is how 99% of them tuned out, someone not smiling, fake smiling, closing their eyes, or crying.  Something that should take all of 10 minutes turned into an hour. 

 Grandma Lou tried to lend a helping hand.  Baylor wouldn't smile for her either, little stinker.

Oh well if they aren't perfectly posed pictures.  They are dang cute kids anyway.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Another year older

Another year older and he dang well better be wiser too with all the time and money we have invested in him going back to school.  Happy Birthday Nate!  Glad you finally caught up with me.  Yes he robbed the cradle (by a whopping 11 months) due to the advice of his wise uncle who always told him "women are like cow pies, the older they are the easier they are to pick up".  So basically I am a pile of manure.  That's a confidence booster right there.  
I don't want to sit here and write a cheesy post about how fantastic he is. Anyone who really knows him knows what a giving, caring, selfless person he is.  Sure he may have an attitude at times but all of his goodness makes up for it.  Plus he is just trying to keep up with me and my attitude. I have never seen anyone more willing to help those around him, no matter how busy he may be himself.  Because of that our family has been greatly blessed.

The best way I can describe Nate is with a couple of songs 

Did those videos just make this post cheesy anyway?  Oh well.  Seriously, I don't know what me and the boys would do without you, Nate.  We love your stinkin guts.  Happy Happy Birthday!

I also have to give a shout out to another great guy in my life.  Happy Birthday, Dad!