Tuesday, August 26, 2014

4th and 6th

That wonderful time of year is here again.  School is back in session.  I love my kiddos.  I really, really do.  I also love having them home (most of the time) but all of us being together 24/7 is not always a good thing.  A break from each other is a great way to remind us how much we really do love our siblings/kiddos/parents.  Sometimes I bug them, sometimes they bug me.  School starting is a win-win for all involved. 

Grifin "gus gus" Wright started 4th grade
He asked me to walk to school with him this morning then he looked out the window and saw a bunch of kids walking alone and changed his mind.  Is it already happening?  Are my kids starting to get embarrassed by me?  I even changed out of my fluffy pink robe for him.

 Dilon "being awesome isn't easy" Wright started 6th grade
My baby is out of grade school.  Why do they keep growing up on me? Someone make it stop. He opted to take the bus today instead of have me drive him to school.  My kids hate me.  Or he is 11 and had to walk to school from k-5th so he was super stoked about getting to go on the bus.  Wait until High School buddy and see if it's still cool.

Pics to come of the rambunctious 5 year old who will be going to Kindergarten next week. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Some things I love

Nothing new and exciting happening here but I'm feeling the need to blog so why not blog about some things I love.

I love this man of mine who uses all his extra time to help others.  Right now he is helping coach Dilon's football team. 

I love football season (minus how insanely time consuming it is)

I love this little mini man who likes to emulate his older brothers

I love this other kid of mine who constantly puzzles and surprises me.  Last night we had spaghetti for dinner (again) but I made garlic bread I don't normally make.  I told Gus to try it, he would like it.  His response "No I don't.  Last time you made that it was on Halloween night and I didn't like it."  Excuse me?  Who remembers what we ate for dinner almost a year ago.  Seriously I wish I could jump into his brain for just a few minutes.

and well, what's not to love about this kid?  I come home and yank off my nylons asap after church (yes I still wear nylons, some of us aren't fortunate enough to have beautiful golden skin. I have to cover my legs so I don't blind others. It's me doing a good deed for humanity). Dax likes to come home and throw them on. And no I don't wear green nylons to church.  Those are Nate's.  Another reason I love this kid so much...I was having a meltdown the other night trying to cook dinner.  I had four little boys pulling me in different directions wanting/needing something.  Finally I couldn't take it anymore and I yelled "Everyone leave me alone!  I can't do it all.  There is only one of me."  Dax instantly replies: "well there should be two of you.  That would be good."  Heck yeah it would buddy.  Thank you for realizing that. 

Another thing I love...food from my garden. Only half of that was actually from my garden but it still counts. Yes that was all mine and I ate every last bite.  Don't judge.  And no Nate...I wasn't eating by the computer.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Happy (late) Birthday Dilon!

Happy (late) Birthday to this kid of mine.  11 years (and a few days) ago the best thing in life happened to me and I became a mom.  Nothing compares and I'm so grateful for these boys of mine. 

We decided to head out camping with some friends on Dilon's Birthday.  Not sure if that was his #1 choice on what he really wanted to do (he really wanted to go to the jump zone) but once he started fishing I don't think he cared so much about the jump zone.  
I'm still trying to figure out how I have an 11 year old.  I'm not old enough.

Like everything in life our little camping trip had its pros and cons.

Con:  it rained all night Friday after we got there. 

Pro:  We got to spend some good quality time in close quarters with these awesome friends.  13 people in our little trailer. It was, well I guess you could say....cozy?

Con:  I think it was a long cold night for most of us.  Especially for those whose sleeping bags were wet.  Or who had to share an air mattress with their hubby. 

Pro:  Nate was so cold his teeth were chattering loud enough to frighten any scary animal, or Bigfoot, away from our campsite.  We were totally safe.  Until he got up and turned on the heater and his teeth stopped. Then I was positive something was going to attack us.  I long for the day I can go camping and not worry about being eaten by a large furry creature.

Pro:  Waking up to this
three men cooking our grub.

Pro: Idaho fishing treated us pretty well

Con:  I always get stuck cooking the dang things

 Con:  Idaho cops do not treat us so well
Yes that is a speeding ticket (and a very happy husband). Dang Nate and his lead foot. Ask how many speeding tickets I've had in my whole life.  That's right -- a big fat goose egg.  I rock!

Pro/Con:  We decided a fresh raspberry shake at Bear Lake would ease the sting of a ticket.  It did for a minute.  Now my pants are a little too tight and we still have to fork over 90 bucks. 

This biggest Pro of the whole trip.....spending it with my Birthday boy (and those 4 other boys I kinda love too).  Happy Happy Birthday, Dilon!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Wright Family Fun

Spent the weekend in Heber for the 4th annual Scott Wright Reunion.  I was going to start this post with a little something special for you.  Viewer discretion was even advised.  I have a video recorded of Nate and his 4 brothers doing a little Men in Tights number.  I mean what's not to like about seeing some double XL men prancing around in see-through tights?  Unfortunately for all of you (all 3 of you that read my blog) I can't get the stinking video to work.  Shocker right?  I can't figure all this technology stuff out.  Seriously I have tried for over an hour and I have to keep walking away from the laptop before I end up throwing it through a window.  Anger issues...I know, I know.  So while there will be no video for you to enjoy I do have a pic. Good enough.  But not really because Nate doing a high kick = awesomeness.  I am one lucky lady. 

They probably should have invested in leggings instead of just tights so they weren't showing off their unders so bad.  Sorry about that.  Just try to ignore it. 

 I swear these two were meant to be twins.  Heaven knows I can only handle one baby at a time though.  That has to be why they came to different moms.

I have no idea what was said at this moment but by the look of Nate it was quite hilarious.  

I really do have great in-laws.  I sure am lucky to be part of their family but not quite as lucky as they are to have me!