Thursday, February 26, 2015

Not so happy Valentine's Day

So I've been debating the last week or so whether I should blog about Valentine's Day at the Wright house this year.  It kind of started a fight that lasted for a week but we are finally past it. I think.  

I'm a simple person. I don't need expensive jewelery or fancy dinners. In fact Nate and I are lame and don't normally buy each other presents.  Well he bought me a present this year.  Take one guess what it was.  Let me give you a little hint.  A handgun.  He handed me a freakin handgun.  Was this a joke I was missing the punchline to?  It had to be.  A handgun?  I hate guns.  We already have a few and I'm not real fond of any of them. 14 years we've been together and he knows me about as well as he knows the mailman.  Perfect.
Lets just say my reaction was not quite what he was expecting.  If it would have been placed like a bow on top of a box of cupcakes we would be in business, but just handing me a gun and saying Happy Valentine's Day didn't quite cut it for me.  

He gave me this super awesome gift a couple weeks after he told me he bought a truck.  I thought he was joking.  Turns out the joke was on me.  He has been staying after work everyday this week fixing his "new" truck.  It's a real beauty.  

I'll tell you one thing.  I'm about two seconds away from booking a Disneyland trip and giving it to him as an Anniversary present in March.  Two can play this game, babe.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

It's not as fun as it looks

 Anxiously awaiting the day it's his turn to do homework.  You're in for a rude awakening Baylor Von.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Your turn is coming kid

Well it has finally hit me.  I had my "aha" moment last night.  I now know why parents get to embarrass their children as teenagers.  It's to make up for all the times they embarrass us when they are young kids.  Let me tell you one thing, I am going to embarrass the crap out of Baylor to make up for what he did last night.  I just have to document it so I don't forget.

We were waiting in the freakishly slow line at Cafe Rio last night and the kids were being stinkers (there is an intended pun that will soon be coming with that word choice) as usual.  Baylor decided to walk right up to the woman standing in front of us, and when I say right up I mean I could not have slid a piece of paper between the two of them, and sniff her rear.  Wait it gets worse.  He then turns around waving his hand in front of his nose and yells "peeee-yew!" (I have no idea how to spell that and google wasn't much help but you know what I mean, right?)

There were two things at that moment I was very thankful for:

1- She had her back to him (obviously) and was getting ready to order so I don't think she knew what was going on---fingers crossed.

2- I had my back turned to the rest of the people in line so I have no idea how many actually saw him do it.  I'm going to keep pretending no one did besides me and call it good.

These boys are going to be the death of me.