Sunday, June 25, 2017

Dilon and stuff

Dilon just may be the death of me--- I say that with love.

I've written many posts on him and diabetes.  I try not to let our world be run by it.  It plays a huge part in our lives but there is so much more to life than that dang disease he has.  It's always in the back of my mind.  I send him to school and keep my fingers crossed he'll be ok.  Put him to bed for the night after checking his number and pray he will stay within range. I about had a panic attack last year when I had to send him to scout camp for a full week to take care of it all by himself and put my complete trust in him, his leaders, and Heavenly Father.  We have had a few scares with him but last week I got a call I knew would eventually come.
He went with the young men on a Zions camp here in town to do service and activities. The first day Dilon, Grif, and Nate were gone I had big plans to do absolutely nothing with the two littles.  We had a lunch date planned to McDonald's and that was that.  Well on the way to our lunch date I got a call from Dilon's leader saying he had a seizure and didn't know what to do. Nate had just left to run to the store and hadn't taken his phone with him.  I get to the park as quickly as possible.  Dilon was awake but slurring and not sure what the heck was happening.  I asked for his pack to check his blood sugar and it was with nate in the truck at the store. Hello! #1 rule is to have your pack with you at all times.  So my heart sunk. Do I go to the ER or go to his meter.  I opted for the meter since he was awake and breathing.  He was low and dropping lower so we started having him chug juice and called his doc.  Finally his numbers were going up and he was snapping out of it a little so she said we could just take him home and not worry about the hospital but to watch him carefully for the next few hours.  The poor kid sat in the car next to me crying and repeating:
"mom I hate this so bad"
" I really hurt"
"Why do I feel so sick"
" I wish so much I didn't have diabetes, it hurts mom"

That will tear your mom heart right to pieces.  I wish so bad I could take this all away from him.  I would take it in a second for him if I could.  I'm not sure why he got this trial in life but I truly believe he's strong enough for it.  

I am so grateful for a leader that kept his cool and friends who make sure he's okay.  Dilon has some really good friends in our ward and he scared the snot out of them too.  They (and their parents) texted several times to make sure he was okay.  After we got him home and settled he went to give himself insulin to eat lunch and noticed his pump screen was shattered.  When he fell he hit a table and smashed the screen on his $4000 pump.  My heart sunk again because his insulin pump has been so fantastic to have.  I called the company about a replacement and it was still under warranty.  Tender mercy right there.  
This kid is my hero.

I love that he doesn't let diabetes stop him from living life.  He deals with more than a kid his age ever should but he does it like a rock star.

On a side note, he decided it would be a great idea to do a lamb for the fair this year.  What the crap was he thinking?  Dirty little buggers. But its teaching him some great responsibility so how do I say no to that?

 It was quite comical watching him try to catch it the first time.

And he also thinks he's old enough to learn how to drive
^^first driving lesson. Heaven help us all.

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