Sunday, June 25, 2017

Happy 8th Dax!

My dax had his 8th birthday a couple of days ago. Why won't they stop growing up on me!?!  Birthdays are always pretty simple at our house. I've said numerous times I am not the pinterest mom. No big fancy parties. Simplicity, so I don't go crazy.  We usually just let them pick where they want to eat and then do cake and ice cream with the fam.  It works.  We did go bowling the day before so I let him bring a friend along.  And it's free bowling during the summer for kids 12 and under so that's a win for me. 

 Dax and his buddy are two peas in a pod.  This first picture dax wouldn't smile so I said I needed a re-do then his buddy pulled the same stunt. 

Gus only threw the ball backwards twice.  We're improving.

He gets to be baptized on Saturday.  He's pretty excited because he's the only kid in the whole stake.  That means we get to do our own thing.  Short and sweet. 
Life would suck without this kid.  
Happy B-day, Dax.
We love your guts.

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